6 Tell-Tale Signs That a Man Loves You!


You can solve this riddle just by paying a little extra attention to his body language!
We know that love can’t be expressed by a mere combination of words. Similarly making out what’s there in someone’s heart about you, is near to impossible. And if the person really has some feelings for you, he will try his level best to keep them to his own. Although you can hear people saying that women are mysterious when they are love. But I believe otherwise. Men sometimes take too long (one lifetime, at sometimes) to express their love to their lady. This leaves the girl wondering where she stands in his life.

You must have realised this in the case of men when they love a girl, the whole world will know about it except the girl itself. If you have such man in your life who’s giving you mixed signals about whether he loves you or not, then keep your eyes open. Pay attention to these things and find it out in seconds whether you’re in or not.

1. He’ll make frequent eye contacts with you
When a person feels for you, he will try more often to have eye contact with you. He will look straight into your eyes while talking. If he’s always trying to find something in your eyes, it simply means that he’s seeking your approval of his love. Truly said, sometimes when words aren’t enough, let the eyes do all the talking.

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2. He will take no time to text you back
You will be his number one priority if he loves you. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he sends you a ‘good morning’ text. He never forgets to ask how your day went. He never takes an hour to text you back. If a man is doing all these things for you, then there’s something fishy!

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3. He will blush when you’re around
Yes, it’s true. Men blush as well! If he smiles all the time bashfully when you’re around, it means that he have some feelings for you. The flushed look on his face and shy eyes will take you stories that his words can’t ever do.

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4. He will share everything with you
It has been found that when a man feels a deep connection with someone, he likes to share every bit of his life him/her. Most of the guys don’t unveil their personality with everyone they meet. But if they’re really falling for you, then they will share everything about themselves with you. If you are at a point of knowing each and every incident that has ever happened to him, then be sure my friend. He has lost his heart to you.

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5. He will always listen to you
Women are considered to be a chatter box. So most of them don’t really listen to what we’re saying. But he listens keenly to every single word you’ve uttered and remembers it forever, then believe me you’re not just a casual friend to him. He’s seeking a deeper connection with you.

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6. He’ll get jealous of your male friends
Jealousy is the first sign of love. He will get jealous and over caring when other men are around you. He will ask you to stay away from that particular male colleague of yours. He will ask about your male friends and how close you’re with him. If these things happen to you, then you shouldn’t be having doubts around. Its cent percent confirmed that he loves you!

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