Our ‘Kumkum’ aka Juhi Parmar lost 17 kgs weight for a TV show!


Gaining weight after pregnancy is something which has become rather mandatory. It usual happens when the expecting mother stops paying attention to her eating habits and exercise. Anyway, we’re here not to discuss the healthy lifestyle for a woman. We’re here to break the news of your once favourite TV serial actress Juhi Parmar’s comeback. You must be remembering her by the name of ‘Kumkum’ fondly. She left the television leaving everyone behind to speculate what the cause might have been.


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If the sources are to be believed, she left the show after giving birth to her daughter Samaira Shroff. But now as her daughter is 3-year-old and has started going to school, she is all set to come back on small screens with a bang! Her husband is a popular face of the small screen. She was also seen doing a cameo with her husband in a daily soap, Jai Santoshi Maa. But why her name is all over the internet these days? That’s because of her tremendous makeover in the picture she uploaded on her Instagram account. She also revealed that she lost the whopping amount of 17 kgs weight. When asked about her weight loss, the actress said, “I am happy about facing the camera again without worrying how I will look.” She also said, “I was offered several shows, but being a hands-on mother, I wanted my child to grow up enough to understand that she has a working mom. I was always dedicated to my work, but the need of the hour was to show the same dedication towards my daughter.”

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She’s now ready to make her comeback in the serials after happily embracing motherhood. She’s going to do the role of Shani’s mother in the mythological TV show Shani. She believes that doing a mythological show will give her the opportunity to try a genre which she never had. She also adds, “I know I will also be asked why I agreed to play a mother, but that is something which viewers will get to know after watching the show. Besides, gods don’t age!”

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