7 Affordable Ways to Grow Your Hair Naturally!


I’ve always dreamt about luscious long locks that could reach up to my waist. Having tried different hair growth treatments that are available in the market, I turned to the internet. Oh my god! internet is a pool of information. After an hour long research and a month-long experiment on my own mane, I’ve brought these 7 hair growth tips together. And these are definitely not the fad ones. They actually work. So if you want your hair to grown longer, stronger and thicker, you can spend your another 5 minutes on these simple and efficient ways for hair growth.

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1. Trim
This is an eternal rule for hair growth. I’ve come across many beauty blogs over the internet, listing it as a myth. But this technique does not exactly make your hair grow. It just improves the quality of your hair as all the split ends would be chopped off during the trimming sessions. If your hair is damaged beyond repair, there is no use growing them further. Chop them off before it’s too late.

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2. Keep Your Hair Braided
There is a reason why our grandmother keeps asking us to braid our hair. Braiding your hair saves them from the friction generated due to constant rubbing. It will keep them from tangling and damaging. However, it doesn’t directly contribute to your hair growth. But it definitely helps you protect your hair from breakage and dirt. Oil your hair properly before braiding them. Don’t make the braids too tight to cause a headache.

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3. Apply Pieces of Onions On Your Scalp
Slice an onion into halves or just grate them to extract its juices. Mix the juice with your shampoo. And if you don’t like the odour of onions, obviously you won’t be liking it. So you can apply it as an oil as well. Leave it on your scalp overnight and wash it next morning. Use a fragrant shampoo whose fragrance is strong enough to mask its odour. Do this for at least 15 days. You will notice that dandruff and itchiness have reduced to great extent.

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4. Oral Contraceptive Pills
No, we’re not asking you to eat them up. This might seem a bit bizarre to you, but it’s highly effective. Take some oral contraceptive pills and grind them off using a pestle and mortar. Mix the powdered pills in your shampoo. Oral contraceptive pills have the hormone progesterone which is responsible for hair growth and preventing hair fall.

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5. Oiling Your Hair
Grandma is right! Oiling your hair actually helps them grow. Coconut oil is said to be the best for your hair growth. For faster results, warm the oil and then massage it on your scalp. Let the oil work on your scalp. You can either wash it after an hour or it is best to keep it overnight. Other types of oil can be used as well like castor oil, rosemary oil, almond oil, etc. you can also boost your eyebrow and eyelashes growth with these oils.

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6. Use Herbal Products
Use shampoo and conditioner which contains 100% natural ingredients. There are many brands around now which offer 100% natural products. Such kind of products doesn’t have any side effects on your hair or skin.

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7. Say ‘Yes’ to Coffee!
Caffeine is excellent for hair growth. It repairs your hair strands from its root cause, boosts up your blood circulation, retains moisture and prevents hair fall. And the best part about it is, it is cheap. It adds shine to your hair making it naturally brownish. There are many products which contain caffeine as one of its ingredients. But it is best to consume it directly or apply it to your scalp.

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