6 Effectively Useful Hair Care Tips For Long Hair


Those long, smooth, and silky hair can get anyone into a trance. I mean these locks have so much charm that people who witness them, just get bowled over. Isn’t it? But, as there are two sides of a coin, so these hair are no exception.

Therefore we are completely empathetic with the pain and hassle that all the women who have such long locks, have to go through each day to maintain them. As someone has rightly said, nothing in this world is obtained for free, if we wish for dazzling hair then we need to work hard too for their growth and maintenance.

Here are some cool hair care tips that you must follow for your hair to do well.

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1. Do not Over Shampoo: Shampoos should certainly be on your shopping list as they help to remove the dirt that gets trapped in your hair. But overdoing them will not bring any good to you, as they also take away the natural oils from the scalps which are essential for the growth of hair. The best way to do so is to not wash your head each day, instead, wash it after every two days for the best results. In addition to it, one should look for shampoos that are suited to enhance the growth of hair.

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2. Drink plenty of water: Just like many other benefits, water is very effective in this case too as the hair is more likely to grow if you are hydrated. Drinking more water lets cleanse your inner system and thus keeps you healthy and if you are healthy, your hair too will be stronger.

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3. Stay away from Electronic Hair Rods: Well, you might find it really funky and amazing to curl or straighten or hair every day but your hair gets spoiled due to the excess heat. Moreover, the usage of Hair Dryers too is not suggested as they also heat up the hair. But if you are eager to use it, then the best way to do so is to use it in the cool mode.

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4. Use wide combs: The markets are flooded with various types of hairbrushes and rollers, but we suggest you to not get fascinated by any such and choose a simple wide comb for your hair. Start brushing from the bottom and then slowly move upwards to detangle your hair.

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5. Take Care of Hair while sleeping: It is very important to take care of Hair especially when you sleep because hair is more prone to breakage when we twist and turn our heads at night. It is suggested to sleep over silk pillows for minimal hair breakage. However you can use cotton pillows too but loosely braid your hair or tie them in a bun before going to sleep. The scalp gets in contact with the pillow every day and thus release the dirt and oil from the hair, so it is important to change the pillow cover every week for healthy scalp and hair.

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6. Patience: Remember, hair can- not be grown overnight, so you have to be patient in the caring process. Long hairs are the result of the implementation of all these steps so patience is a must. Research says that hair grows half an inch in one month, so one needs to stay calm and wait for the best results.

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