6 Fantastic Ways to Organize Your Life and Make It Stress-Free


Recent times have not been good for us all and we have faced so much due to this COVID-19. Stress, anxiety and depression have risen unexpectedly all around and it’s a matter of concern. So, here we are going to tell you about some hacks to make your life organized and stress-free.

New year is not so far and we hope things will get better in the new year. But believe me, setting out your life in a rhythm is not all about a new year’s resolution. we all make up our minds on the very first morning of the year, to make ourselves more productive in the coming year. But we lose track of our lives even before the first-month ends? Isn’t it?

But you get a wake-up call when things get completely out of your hands and decide to set certain goals for yourself. But are you really able to put up with them? no! because the goals you set are usually the unrealistic ones. So here are some easy peasy ways to organize your life without having to try too hard!

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1. Set Your Mind Right
This is the first and the most fundamental part of organising yourself. Are you not able to wake up on time in the morning? just think about the time you need to get up. Let’s say 6. Focus on the number ‘6’ in your mind. You will notice that you woke up at the same time without even putting an alarm.

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2. Positivity Around You
There’s nothing greater than a thing or a person that keeps you going throughout the week. Fill your surroundings with sticky notes and some positive quotes written on them. when everything else fails to inspire you, inspire yourself.

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3. Plan Things Out
Get yourself a planner. If you’re having a smartphone you won’t be needing a paper version of a planner. You can download a Planner App and plan out your days on it. Challenge yourself every day. But don’t set unrealistic goals either. Start with small things like cleaning your cupboard or doing the laundry.

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4. Listen to Some Music
Make a playlist of your favourite songs. Music keeps you going when the work becomes sluggish. A fun-filled and energetic playlist can do a lot more than you can imagine.

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5. Keep a Happy Jar in your Room
Now, what this happy jar is basically. You just need to take a mason jar. At the end of the day, jot down the things that made you happy on a piece of paper. Fold that paper and put it in the jar. Do every day. At the end of the week, read them again. It will keep you motivated for the week ahead.

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6. Cheat Yourself for One Day
Yes, we are actually asking you to do this. You should give yourself a day off from everything. Even these organising stuff and all. Get yourself the food you love. You can go out for a movie or just sit with a cup of coffee with your favourite kind of book. The funda is, do anything that brings you happiness. But the level to which you enjoy should be proportional to the hard work you’ve done during the entire week.

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