7 Super Healthy Habits to Get Beautiful Nails


Your hands can tell the other person a lot about you. Haven’t you thought about it before? Well, we will make you think about it. But firstly, let me tell you that it is very important to take care of your hands as well as your nails. In fact, your nails attract a lot of attention to your hands thus it is important to take care of your nails as well.

Shiny and healthy-looking nails will only add up to the beauty of your hands. Keeping that in mind we have mentioned some healthy habits which will get you beautiful nails.

Read on the post and get some cool hacks for yourself.

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1. Keep your nails clean– We always think that every good thing has to be complicated but that is not true. Sometimes it is all about getting the basics right. So before you try to do the intricate things to ensure that your nails look beautiful and healthy concentrate on getting the basic right. Which means you must keep your nails clean of any dirt and old nail polish. Also never use an acetone based nail polish remover as will dry the nails as well as the nail cuticles. You can gently clean your nails and skin around it with some soap and a fine toothbrush. This will exfoliate the nails and the skin while getting rid of all the dirt.

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2. Treat them gently- You may not know this but your nails too are very delicate and thus it is very important to treat them gently. Being harsh on the nails may expose them to infections. Also, avoid using metal tools for cleaning your nail bed as it may lead to the separation of skin from the nail which can be very painful.

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3. Trim your nails regularly- Just as your hair needs to be trimmed regularly in order to grow properly your nails too need to get trimmed on a regular interval. It is always a good idea to trim your nails every two weeks or earlier depending on the growing speed of your nails.

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4. Do not keep your nails very long- Long nails look very beautiful but that are also prone to more breakage and require a lot of maintenance. Also, short nails look very neat and tidy even without doing much to them. Long nails are an added hassle as compared to short nails. With short nails, you don’t really have worry about shaping them every now and then. All you have to do is just focus on keeping them healthy and strong.

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5. Always use a base coat- This is one step that all of us skip while painting our nails at home is applying a base coat before applying the nail polish. The base coat not only protects your nails from getting tainted with the nail polish but also ensures that your nail paint colour shows up very bright and vibrant.

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6. Give your nails a break– Painted nails look really beautiful but you must also give your nails a break from all the nail paints and nail arts. If you continuously keep them covered under the nail paint, then your nails may get yellow and dry over the time. This will then weaken your nails from within.

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7. Keep a check on your diet- Just like any other part of the body the growth and health of your nails depend on what you are putting in your body. Our nails are made up of keratin which is a protein. So in order to keep them healthy, it is important that you eat protein-rich foods such as fish, beans and nuts in your diet. You can also take biotin and vitamin supplements as well, but only after consulting the doctors.

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