9 Brilliantly Useful Tips for Pregnant Ladies They Should Keep in Mind


Every woman craves for becoming a mother perhaps and they consider it one of the most loveable feelings in the world. The whole family rejoices from the news of your pregnancy. But apart from all those celebrations and merry-making, you need to be extra cautious about your health, especially if you’re having your first baby. You are now living the life of two now. So everything you do, everything you eat affects your baby as well.

Be in regular touch with your family doctor or a pre-natal specialist to know about the things you should not do during your pregnancy. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re pregnant.

1. No Hair Colouring and Dyeing When You Are Expecting
The first three months of your pregnancy is the most crucial period of your prenatal period. Using things full of too many chemicals like hair colour is not advisable during this time. The chemicals present in the hair colour can penetrate into your body over time. Accumulation of such chemicals in your body is not good for yours as well as your baby’s health. Apart from this, you can feel nauseous with the smell of the colour. If you want to be the fashionable mama, you can colour your strands but only under the supervision of your salon expert. You can get your highlights done, as in that case, the colour doesn’t come in contact with your scalp.

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2. Can I Get a Pedicure?
Your feet are swollen and they hurt as hell, so you might be thinking to get your pedicure done. But you have to give up on your temptation if you want to play safe with your baby’s health. You can check with your doctor to confirm whether you are allowed to get pedicures. There are certain reflexology points in the ankle that shouldn’t be meddled up with. They can lead to abnormal contractions in uterine and pre-term labour spasms. The nail paints which are used contain DBP and toluene which are equally harmful to you. These chemicals can seep into your bloodstream and pose otherwise effects.

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3. What About Saunas, Tanning Beds, and Hot Baths?
When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t expose your torso region to excessive heat. This can lead to overheating of the uterus and can be harmful to the baby.

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4. What About Hitting the Gym or Aerobics Class?
Only if the fitness point has a pre-natal expert to help the women with pregnancy, you’re allowed to hit the gym. But you shouldn’t life heavy weights and shouldn’t do aerobics. Heavy exercises can result in fetal hypoxia, which leads to baby’s deprivation of oxygen. It can also cause baby’s brain damage. So it is very important to know what the effects of things you’re doing are.

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5. Home Massages
Yes, every woman loves getting back massage from their hubby. Sometimes, the mother-in-law’s call the midwife too. But you should get a massage only if you’re sure about the reflexology points. That’s we advise that you should get the massage sessions from the trained professionals only. Carelessly done massage can trigger the uterine points which can lead to abnormal contractions and preterm labor. You take so much care of your diet during pregnancy, then why would you allow someone to give you an untrained massage?

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6. What About Sleep?
Stop acting superwoman now. You need sleep more than you needed during your normal days. You have to ask your mother-in-law and hubby to help in your daily chores. You can also keep a temporary helper to ease out your workload during these days. Being easy on the chores doesn’t mean that you can laze around. Being lazy can be equally lethal for you. But you should learn to set limits for your work. Inadequate sleep can cause baby blues and your body wouldn’t be putting many efforts when the time will arrive.

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7. Listen to Music to Beat Stress
The most important thing during pregnancy is to stay free from stress. You can give into listening to soft and soothing music to combat stress. Music, as we know helps to relax and unwind our mind. The relaxed mind of the mother soothes the baby, as well. A number of researchers say that baby connects itself emotionally to the mother when the mother is listening to soft music.

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8. What Not To Eat When Pregnant – Comfort Foods Should Be Kept Away
It is completely alright to wake up in the middle of the night and crave for ice creams and pickles. But the craving for junk foods every now and then isn’t good for your health. You need to take over these cravings. Too much sugar and carbs will not be good for your baby’s overall development. Too much sweet consumed during pregnancy can cause gestational diabetes. And I know you wouldn’t like it happening to you.

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9. What To Eat When Pregnant
The best way to keep the pregnancy related issues at bay is to talk to your family doctor about your diet. If possible maintain a diet chart and eat according to that. You should make a list of fruits which you should be avoiding during your prenatal period. Apart from that, stay calm because it’s just a phase, a beautiful one indeed! It will pass and bring about a shower of blessings in your home. Amen!

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