6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship Without Even Knowing!


No matter how strong the bond you share with your partner, but the delicacy of a romantic relationship can’t ever be pre-estimated. The romantic relationship exhibits strength and fragility at the same time. One minor mistake can develop cracks and crevices in your bond, without even your knowledge. So it is always complicated to be very precise. Your hard work and dedication can make it last forever. But there are certain mistakes that we make over and over again as we become too comfortable with our partner. But do you know these mistakes can ruin your relationship forever? Let’s know how!

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1. Being over-watchful for him and always suspecting him.
Trust is the building block of a relationship. You must have heard it plenty of times but you’re still not able to absorb this fact well into your system. Trusting your partner can be easiest yet hardest. A relationship without trust is going to be full of snooping, doubting, questioning, quarrels and everything bitter.

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2. Not Speaking Out Your Mind
Stop assuming that your partner is a mind reader. Nobody is a mind reader until and unless he’s a superhero. And my dear, let superheroes continue to exist in Marvel Comics only. In real life, you have to speak out if something is bothering you. It would lead to some arguments, sure! But that argument will end up in a healthy way.

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3. Taking Your Other Half for Granted
It happens way too often that we take our special someone for granted. We just assume that, no matter what, they’re going to be with us. treat your partner just like you used to treat him when you met him. Make them feel wanted and special. Believe me, regrets kill slowly but brutally.

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4. You Talk About Yourself Way Too Much
This is the common habit of most of the people these days. Everyone seems to be suffering from the I syndrome. Like ‘I did this’ or ‘I sacrificed this for you’. Remember, if your relationship came this far, there must be some things that your partner did right as well. Never stop appreciating him.

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5. Involving the Third Person in Your Problems
The relationship is between two people and never ever forget this count. Don’t make it three. Never involve a third person to solve the problems. This will only make your partner demeaned and humiliated. If your partner has some shortcomings, never reveal them to the third person and make them view him in a totally different light. Also, the third person will think that your relationship is not strong enough to be sorted out by you two alone. This will create a permanent gap between you two.

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6. Using Social Media to Sing Out Your Relationship Issues
This is so juvenile and you should refrain from it at any cost. The world mustn’t know what’s going on between you two. Remember a space between you two will only make other people sneak in. never let the outsiders raise fingers on your relationship and partner. Just get this straight, the best sign of a happy couple is a no sign on the social media. The happiest couples are the quietest.

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