7 Bollywood Stars Who Are Getting Hotter with Age!


Everything about our Bollywood celebrities is grand, even if it is ageing. We believe that people wither as they age, but there are some Bollywood stars that are proving it otherwise. They are getting even more fabulous and sophisticated as they are ageing. Their ageless looks and fitness make us wonder what they’ve been eating. Here are the 7 Bollywood stars who are growing old just like the wine.

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1. Anil Kapoor
Can anyone say at first sight that this man is a father of 31-year old woman? In fact, standing right beside his daughter, he seems more like a brother to her. In fact, he’s father to three adult kids. You need to start taking notes of his fitness regime.

2. Sridevi
Sridevi is a mother of one adult and one minor daughter. But her flawless looks and figure tell a different story. When the mother-daughter trio poses for a picture, nobody can tell that the graceful woman standing with Jhanvi and Khushi is their mother.

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3. Akshay Kumar
There aren’t many people in India who aren’t fans of Khiladi Kumar. His popularity has been growing exponentially with age and so does his acting finesse. His Salt and Pepper look has inspired many 40+ men to flaunt their greys with panache. Plus, his fit hot-bod defies his age. He is one of the fittest actors in the industry. In fact, he can give many young actors a run for their money.

4. Milind Soman
The most loved attribute of Milind is that he never tries even a bit to hide his grey hair or wrinkles. He doesn’t require any effort to be anyone’s favourite. And that’s what add to his charisma. He’s loved by everyone effortlessly. Take a look at his picture and you will know why he’s known to be the epitome of ageing like fine wine.

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5. Sonali Bendre
There was this shy girl who was every guy’s secret crush ever since the song came out ‘Baadal Barse Tarse Dil…’. She has not changed a bit. She proves this common saying to be true, ‘Once a Goddess, Always a Goddess’. You can put a bet that her smile still is one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. 43 years old and her grace is getting sharper and sharper as the age is progressing. No sign of ageing at all!

6. Rekha
Rekha is still ruling many hearts. Everyone wants to know the secret behind her ageless skin and fashion statements. The gorgeous actress is in her 60’s and still, her skin and body are as graceful as of a 30-year old woman. Many fans of Rekha lost their heart to this ethereal beauty after watching Silsila and now they’re awestruck, how she manages to look just the same after these many years. What kind of sorcery is this?

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7. Arjun Rampal
If you want some tip-offs on how to grow old without losing the charm, then start following Arjun Rampal on Instagram. Still, many women are having Arjun as their secret crush. His perfect dadbod is giving some serious father goals to the doting dads in India.

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