6 Health Benefits of Sitting Quietly for 15 minutes Daily!


Noise pollution is ever rising. Be it in your room, office or the streets. We keep ourselves engaged with our TV, mobile phones and laptops. Again noise! Even the rattling of keys, while I’m typing this blog, is a noise. Have you ever wondered that we don’t spend even few minutes in silence in a day?

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Today we’re going to discuss some health benefits of sitting 15 minutes in silence daily. Here we go…

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1. Increased Awareness
Chaos reduces our awareness, while silence enhances it. You will improve your concentration capabilities when you’ll learn how to silence your mind. And you will learn to silence your mind only when you will sit in silence for few minutes of a day.

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2. Development of New Brain Cells
Do you know that your brain grows when you sit in meditation for few minutes? Amazing, isn’t it? When we sit silently for 15 minutes daily, our brain produces new brain cells in hippocampus region which are responsible for learning and memorizing things.

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3. Reduces Stress
Noise increases the level of anxiety in us. That’s why we have a panic attack when we’re in a too noisy room. Sitting in silence can reduce your stress levels. In silence, your brain has to process no sound, and hence there is no mental exertion.

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4. Treats Insomnia
If you spend a few minutes of your day in silence, then you can definitely affect your sleep cycles. A few minutes of meditation can help you cure your insomnia and depression.

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5. Controls Blood Pressure
Silence puts your blood pressure back to normal. It also relaxes your breathing pattern and soothes your senses.

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6. Resets Your Mind
When there are no external stimuli, your brain will engage in its inner thoughts. This helps to boost creativity and to find new connections with your inner self.

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