7 Changes That You Need to Make in Your Beauty Routine Right Now


Every woman wants to look pretty. But, it can be achieved only when you adhere to certain rules to enhance your beauty. So, today we thought of sharing some simple hacks that can make you look pretty. Just remember the changes that you need to make in your beauty routine and you are done.
So, check out the hacks that can make you look gorgeous instantly.

1. Brush your brow backward

Brush your brow backwardImage Source: xojane

This is something we are sure that you might not have tried yet. Well, now it’s time to use this simple trick. All you need to do is to brush your eyebrows backward before applying eyebrow pencil. With the help of this simple trick, you can figure where you have less hair and later fill them up to get fuller brows.

2. Fix your makeup using ice cubes

Fix your makeup using ice cubesImage Source: youqueen

Ice cubes do much more than just healing wounds. Well, you can use ice cubes as a beauty ingredient by rubbing it on your face after applying makeup.

3. Blow dry in a different way

 Blow dry in a different wayImage Source: unileverservices
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It may sound odd but, this trick can make you look gorgeous. All you need is to figure out your usual hair parting and then, blow dry on the other side and vice versa. Once your hair is dry, flip it back to the original side, and you will be left with bouncy hair.

4. Lip liner can be used for more than just lining the lips

 Lip liner can be used for more than just lining the lipsImage Source: nykaa

As we already know, lip liner is used for outlining your lips. But, you can also use it for filling your lips. Well, that’s true. Yes, you can also use it as a lipstick.

5. Replace bronzer with contour powder

 Replace bronzer with contour powderImage Source: grazia

Yes, you can do that. Just replace your bronzer with contour powder, and soon you will notice a change. You might be thinking that bronzer defines your cheekbones better. Well, contour powder also works on your cheekbones and better than a bronzer.

6. Perfect cat eyes

Perfect cat eyesImage Source: herintalk

Do you also wish to draw perfect cat eyes and always fail in your attempts? Well, today we are going to share a simple trick with you guys to get those cat eyes. First, take a debit card or any other card and place it on the outer corner of your eyes. Now, draw a diagonal line towards the end of your eyebrow using an eyeliner or eye pencil. Then, remove the card, and here you got the perfect cat eyes.

7. White eyeliner works better than black

 White eyeliner works better than blackImage Source: com

Well, most of you might know this already but, if you don’t know, white liner really works better than the black one. It is believed that it creates an illusion which makes your eyes appear bigger than usual.

Now, you know the changes that you need to make in your beauty routine. Try to keep them in mind and look gorgeous.

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