7 Classy and Unique Eyeliner Colours You Should Try at a Party!


Most of the women love everything if it is in Black. Black is our favourite colour in eyeliner. We stick to the conventional black eyeliner whether it’s a party or a casual gathering. But changes are always good. Just when you thought there’s nothing better than the traditional black winged eyeliner look, the makeup aisle has welcomed dazzling new colours in eyeliners. Here are some fun and classy colours you can try out this party season.

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1. Orange
Don’t get bamboozled by the intensity of the colour. It looks awesome for a daytime party. Wear a flowery summer dress and flaunt your orange eyeliner with it. It can add the right kind of pop to your summer look. Pick the right brand to avoid smudging and fading.

Image Source: pics.ru
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2. Blue
If you want to try something different without getting noticed, then pick a royal blue coloured eyeliner for the party this time. You can pull of electric blue eyeliner without looking like trying too hard.

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3. Pink
Girls like everything in pink. Then why don’t you try a pink eyeliner? People think that pink eyeliner doesn’t go well in eyeliners. It can really look nice with a casual day-out attire and when paired with right makeup. Try the complete pink makeup to look like a Barbie.

Image Source: surface85

4. Green
It is already popular among girls. It is another no-risk eyeliner to try out. It goes really well with the nude lipstick and the bronze makeup.

Image Source: chromachameleon

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5. Gold
This colour looks flattering on all Indian skin tones. This coloured eyeliner goes well with the ethnic attire in golden colour. You can try this coloured eyeliner for the festivals and wedding look.

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6. Silver
For a night club party, this colour is the best suited. This colour looks best on the fair and pale complexion girls. Pair it up with a pink coloured lipstick and a black party dress. Choose the right blush according to your skin tone.

Image Source: sandraholmbom

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7. Rose Gold
Rose gold is everywhere. Phones, nail paints, dresses, shoes, jewellery, etc. We can’t stop obsessing over this pretty shade. We’ve already seen enough of this shade on our eyeshadows, watches and lipsticks. No, it’s time to try rose shade in your eyeliner as well.

Image Source: swatchandreview

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