7 Common Beauty Mistakes and Ways to Fix Them


We all have made beauty mistakes while applying makeup at one point in our lives. For instance, painting our teeth with the bright red lipstick or applying a lot of foundation on the face which later turned too cakey and dry. Well, these are known as the makeup mishaps or common beauty mistakes that one should avoid. So, to help you guys we have listed some quick tricks that will help fix these problems.

1. Excess application of foundation

Excess application of foundationImage Source: amazonaws

Well, nowadays the foundations available in the market contain a high amount of pigments that make your face look cakey. So, it is advised that you should avoid applying a heavy layer of foundation.


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• Take some concealer on a concealer brush and dab it on the spots.
• Now, gently rub those spots where you have applied concealer. In this way, the concealer will blend properly.
• Make sure that you avoid sponge as it will spread all over your face making you use more product.

2. Excess powder

Excess powderImage Source: gymbuddynow

Too much of anything is not good as it can affect your look badly. And same happens in the case when you apply too much of powder on your face which almost look like as if you have soaked your face in a bag full of flour.


• After applying too much of powder on your face, let it sit for at least 10 minutes as skin’s natural oil will absorb the powder.
• You can also use a facial mist or a tissue to moisturize your face quickly and remove the excess powder from the face.

3. Smokey eyes

Smokey eyesImage Source: thefashionspot

Smokey eyes look perfect only when they are worn properly, or you will end up with black panda-like eyes.


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The trick for getting perfect smokey eyes is to apply a gradient of color near the lid instead of eyelids covered with entire black color. The key is to blend properly.

4. Excess tweezing

 Excess tweezingImage Source: livestrongcdn

Excess tweezing can also ruin your look by destroying the natural shape and arch of your brows.


• Draw brows using brow pencil but make sure that the color of pencil matches the color of your brow.
• You can also apply eyelash growing serums and let them grow for a week.

5. Too much blush or bronzer

 Too much blush or bronzerImage Source: viewthevibe

Another common mishap that can definitely ruin your look. Nobody likes to wear too much pink or bronze on their cheeks.


Always apply enough blush so that it looks natural. And make sure that you dust off the excess blush from the brush before applying it to your cheeks.
The key for applying bronzer is to apply it in a minimal amount and to blend it properly.

6. The lip liner ring

The lip liner ringImage Source: cloudfront

By the end of the day, the lipstick generally fades away, and the only thing you are left is the outline of the lips made with lip liner which looks too ugly.


• Make sure you pick a lip liner which matches your natural lip color and use it to fill up your lips. In this way, you can make your lipstick stay for a longer period of time.

7. Eyeshadow mishap

Eyeshadow mishapImage Source: unileverservices

While doing makeup, there are chances that the particles of eyeshadow might fall under your eyes or even on the face.


• The best way is first applying eye makeup followed by the foundation.
• If flakes fall on your cheeks, then brush it off using a fan brush.
• You can apply some translucent powder under your eyes while you apply eyeshadows.

So, these were the few common beauty mistakes that you need to avoid and simple tricks to fix them.

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