7 Conversations to Have with Your In-Laws Before Tying the Knot


Getting married is the most beautiful and tough phase in a persons’ life especially for a girl. Post marriage, a girl needs to look after the two families because each step she takes can impact both the families. So, to maintain a healthy relationship, it is very important that you discuss few things with your partner’s family. To make this process easy for you, we have listed few conversations to have with your in-laws.

1. Discuss your lifestyle

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For maintaining a healthy relationship with in-laws, both the parties need to make adjustments and for this, it is very important to have fair conversations. Talk about your expectations and what you want to do after marriage. Try to keep things clear in front of your in-laws as it helps them to know your better and will also help in making your bond stronger with them.

2. Talk about your career and finances

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No matter if you want to be a working partner or a homemaker, discuss everything regarding your career and finances with in-laws and fiancé. Like, if you want to continue with your job post-marriage, then make this point clear in front of them. And also tell them how you are going to manage your finances post marriage like post marriage you want to provide financial assistance to your family or any other major expense. So, remember that you clear all these things with the in-laws to avoid future chaos.

3. Managing household chores

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Post marriage, a whole set of new responsibilities come in like managing the entire household, and there is no escape from it. So, it is very important to make things clear and discuss it with your in-laws how you are going to help with the daily household chores and where you would require some help. There is no need to impress your in-laws by doing things which you don’t know. It is always better to tell the truth than complicating the matters.

4. Managing arguments

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No matter how much you try to adjust, it is common to have small arguments with your in-laws. But, what matters the most is how you handle things and resolve the argument. Try to have a conversation with them about the concerned matter and figure out things mutually.

5. About kids

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After discussing this matter with your fiancé, you can talk about the same with your in-laws. It does not mean that you start to discuss your family plans, just drop in some hints about the perfect time to have kids. And you can also share your opinion on adoption. Remember, keep this conversation friendly rather than talking about your beliefs.

6. Religious beliefs

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Whether you are religious or not, make everything clear and share your religious beliefs with your in-laws. You can also discuss how much you are comfortable in observing certain festivals, rituals, and traditions. This will help in avoiding the misunderstandings in the future.

7. Discuss your life goals

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Getting married does not mean that you put an end to your own dreams and goals. If you want to travel various countries, adopt a dog or go on a long trip with your friends. Make sure you share all your life goals with your in-laws as it will help them understand you better and you never know they might help you to accomplish your dreams.

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So, these were the few conversations to have with your in-laws.

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