Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Walls Clean


It is a very common fact that cleanliness is something that defines us and our personal hygiene. Now, when we are talking about cleanliness, how can we forget the house we live in. Maintaining a clean house is very important if you want to stay healthy and fit. And if you notice a major portion of your house is occupied by the four walls. To keep your house clean, you need to ensure that your walls are clean. Because of time constraints, we usually neglect cleaning the walls. But, don’t worry as you can still keep your walls clean by using these simple tips to keep your walls clean. So, here we go.

1. Dust your walls

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This simple tip will help you get rid of all the cobwebs, dirt and dust that stick to the walls. For this cleaning process, you don’t need to remove the wall hangings and calendars because the area which is covered don’t get dirty easily. Instead, you should focus on those areas of the walls that are exposed. Consider vacuuming or using a soft cloth wrapped around the head of the broom.

2. Wash bath and kitchen walls

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Kitchen and bath walls bear the maximum torture because of the cooking residues and steamy showers. So, it is suggested that you should regularly clean these walls. And after cleaning, also make sure that you dry the walls using an old cloth.

3. Fix the damage

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It is certain that after some time, the walls of your house may start to damage. And in such case, the best way to avoid the long-term damage is just fix the damages that you notice. Remove the paint from the damaged area and fill the holes first and then, lightly paint that area. If possible use the paint from the original source.

4. Make your own wall washing soap

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Yes, you can easily prepare your own wall washing soap. Just mix some tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with borax and water. Mix them well and then, clean up your walls. This mixture is considered as the best soap for designed and painted walls.

5. Test painted walls before washing them

Test painted walls before washing themImage Source: akamaihd

Nowadays, most of the paints used in our homes are washable. But, it is always better to test them before washing as there are chances that paint might chalk off. And if you are considering painting your house in the near future, then don’t use disodium phosphate as it can lead to the loss of shine from the walls.

6. Teach kids ps and qs

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For a parent, it is a treat to eyes to see their kids painting with different colors. But, that doesn’t mean that you allow them to paint the walls. Teaching your kids this simple thing will not only help in keeping your walls clean but will also prepare your little ones for their life journey.

So, these were the few tips to keep your walls clean. Try them out and keep your house clean.

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