7 Reasons Why Men Love Being in a Relationship


Some people do believe this notion that men are afraid of commitment. But there are some men as well, who aren’t afraid to be in a relationship at all. Those who prefer not to be in a relationship have their own mindset and beliefs. They can’t be questioned. Here we are talking about men who like to be next to the woman they like. Yes, it is true. This happens and here’s why…

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1. They Always Cherish Physical Intimacy
Men love the physical touch of a woman. And the physical intimacy here doesn’t necessarily mean sex. They treasure even a non-sexual touch of a woman. They like playing with a woman’s hair, cuddling, hugging, etc. All these gestures give them a feeling of being wanted and loved.

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2. Lots of Sex
Believe it or not, men do have this extra penchant for sex. It is true as well that people who are in a relationship has more sex than those who aren’t. Some men prefer being in a relationship for the sake of sex. But this doesn’t make them any less of a lover. But sex plays an important part in their life.

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3. They are Emotionally Attached
Many women believe that men aren’t emotionally attached in a relationship. But the fact states otherwise. Men are just vulnerable babies inside the body of a muscular man. They like to be loved and taken care of. Though they don’t put their emotional side on display like women, but once they are truly in a relationship, they can be emotional without the fear of being judged.

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4. They Love Having a Companion by Their Side All the Time
This is the biggest advantage of being in a relationship with a person who’s your friend as well. And when you’re in a relationship, you’re 24×7 in contact with the person. Men find their gossip, music and movie buddy in just the same woman. This means they never have to feel lonely at any time.

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5. They Have Someone to Organize Their Life
When men are in a relationship, they have someone to take care of them. You will notice that men who are in a relationship have their room tidier than those who don’t. Their counterpart is there to take care of their things. Especially when they are living independently, they have their work divided with their partner.

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6. They Like Being Pampered
Just like kids, men love attention too. They like someone to be taking care of them all the time. When they’re ill, when have a bad day at work or during a sudden mood swing, they like someone to bear with them.

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7. They Have Someone for The Honest Opinions
When men look for honest opinions about the new shirt they’re wearing, they have their girlfriend by their side. No one can give more honest opinions than your own girlfriend. Not only in clothes, men like honest opinions about everything in their life. They can always count on their woman for honest opinions.

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