7 Reasons Why to Wash Your Face Before Going to Bed!


Washing our face is one of the most important part of our skincare regime. It has been so many times that we’re asking you to wash your face before going to sleep. But this time, we’re going to tell you why to wash your face before going to bed. It’s a lot more than just removing your makeup.
1. Makeup On Your Skin Can Cause Acne
If you apply makeup on a regular basis, then it becomes even more mandatory for you to wash your face. Remove the makeup using olive oil or a makeup remover. Then wash your face with a suitable cleanser.

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2. It Removes the Dirt from Your Pores
When you wash your face before going to bed, it allows your skin to breathe freely. The dirt and pollution clog your pores and doesn’t let them breathe the fresh air.

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3. Eye Makeup Can Damage Your Eyelashes
Ever wondered why your eyelashes fall a great deal when you leave your makeup overnight? Well, that’s one side effect of not washing your face before going to bed. The mascara has chemicals which makes your eyelashes brittle and fall.

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4. The Skin Doesn’t Restore Itself If Not Washed Before Sleeping
Your skin has this property of replenishing itself while you’re sleeping. It naturally exfoliates itself and shreds the dead skin cells. If you’re not washing your face before sleeping, your skin won’t be able to replenish itself.

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5. Your Skin Will Not Heal Itself If Left Unwashed
If you forget to wash your face at night, your skin will not heal itself. During the night time, our skin does the repairing task. By not washing your face, you’re hindering the natural healing process of your skin.

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6. The Dirt Will Get Transferred On the Pillow If You Don’t Wash Your Face
If you want to keep your pillow case clean, then adopt this good habit for the sake of it. If you rest your dirty face on your pillow, the dirt from your face will get transferred on your pillow.

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7. This Will Inculcate the Good Habit in The Other Members as Well
Watching you stick to a good habit, the other members of your family will adopt this habit as well.

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