7 Secrets That Every Beautiful Girl Hides from Everyone!


Being pretty isn’t synonymous to a great life. You can find the most beautiful girl of your town and ask her ‘How’s Life?’. You won’t be much flattered by the answer she’ll give. People think that life is a cakewalk for the beautiful girls, but she will tell you that being beautiful is sometimes the bane for you. Here are the secrets that every pretty girl hides from everyone.

1. They Feel Hurt When People Compliment Them Only for Their Looks
Pretty girls really find it hard to tell people like them for their looks or for what they really are. They have to walk extra miles to get noticed for their deeds rather than just looks.

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2. They Feel Insecure, Too!
Even the most famous actress or model will feel insecure about her looks. They have flaws as well. They look into the mirror and just wish they could change some things in their body.

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3. They Find It Hard To Make Girl Friends
Girls view them as a competition. They find it hard to find a girl who is ready to accept her the way she is. Girls dislike the pretty girls even before they know them. After all, we always judge a book by its cover.

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4. They Don’t Get Jobs Easily as People Think
No, they don’t always have a job offer sitting at their lap just because they’re appealing. They have to work hard for their dream job and work really hard to keep it.

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5. They Too Spend Hours in Front of The Mirror!
They are not always beautiful. They have to dress up and put their makeup on to look confident. They spend the same amount of time in front of the mirror as you do.

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6. They Also Get Cheated
A cheater doesn’t think about how his girl looks. Looks have nothing to do about cheating. You will see many beautiful actress being cheated on by their partners. Your beauty has nothing to do with being the one to be cheated on.

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7. Beauty Isn’t Everything!
They know it! They feel it. There are other important things in life. That’s how you’re from inside. You’re always beautiful in someone’s eyes. You never know!

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