Here’s Why You Should Use Rose Water If You Want Beautiful Skin!


We as Indians know it pretty well that rose water is very essential for our skin. But as the western culture is gripping on us, we’ve loosened our roots up. If you wish to have naturally rosy pink cheeks, then rose water should always be there in your arsenal.

You might be wanting to know why? Come, let’s explore the beauty benefits of rose water…

1. Use Rose Water to Remove Makeup
You can make your own DIY makeup remover. Mix some argan oil in rose water and use it to remove the waterproof eye makeup. It is gentle on your skin and it doesn’t burn your eyes.

Remove-MakeupImage Source: lifetimestyles
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2. Use Rose Water as a Toner
Rose water helps to clear the bacterial infections and soothes the inflamed skin. If you have acne-prone skin, then look no further. Use pure rose water in a cotton pad to wipe it gently on your skin.

use-rose-water2Image Source: squarespace

3. Rinse Your Hair with Rose Water for Instant Boost
Rinse your hair with rose water after shampooing it. This will make your hair look shiny and bouncy. The scent will even more mesmerising than your regular hair care products.

Portrait of a hairdresser rinsing hair off after applied a hair treatmentImage Source: hairherbals

4. Use Rose Water as a Facial Mist
Your fresh morning face doesn’t last beyond the noontime? don’t worry! Rose water can save your skin. Spritz some rose water on your face and enjoy the newly found freshness.

use-rose-water4Image Source: ccm2

5. Use Rose Water as a Perfume
Rose water is skin-friendly and has a nice lingering scent. Smell like roses all day by spraying some rose water on your pulse points.

use-rose-water5Image Source: britcdn

6. Treat Dark Circles with Rose Water
Rose water is an excellent no side-effects treatment for dark circles. Soak a cotton pad in rose water and keep them over your eyes. Close your eyes and relax. It will reduce the sign of fatigue and stress from your eyes.

use-rose-water6Image Source: stylishtips

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