7 Genius Hacks to Save Your Money on Beauty Products


Spending too much on your beauty products is what makes you refrain from having a proper skincare regime. Isn’t it? The 500 bucks bottle of a moisturizer lasts only 20 days and that is when you decide to stick on the cheaper brands of moisturizer. But you don’t need to make adjustments anymore. With some smart tips and sustainable use of your cosmetics, you can make them last longer than they normally do. Here are some helpful ways to use every bit of your beauty product.

1. Use the Last Few Drops of Your Foundation by Adding Some Moisturizer to It.
This is a two-in-one trick. This way you’ll be able to transform your regular moisturizer into a tinted one. Pour some moisturizer in your foundation bottle and mix it well.

beauty-products1Image Source: erinashleymakeup

2. Revive Your Compact Powder by Putting a Strip of Packaging Tape.
Sometimes our compact powder gets harden due to the oils of our skin. Do you throw your hardened compact powder thinking that it won’t work anymore? Wrong! You shouldn’t do that. just put a cellotape on the hardened film on the top. Pull it out to remove the topmost layer of the compact powder. Your compact will work like a new one.

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3. Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow Palette Using Rubbing Alcohol.
Spray some rubbing alcohol over your eyeshadow cake and then press using a cotton ball. This will clean up the eyeshadow dust that makes the palette look dirty and revive the real colours of the eyeshadow.

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4. Revive the Dried Eyeliner with Saline Solution
No matter how tightly you lid the eyeliner bottle, it dries up after some time. Squirt few drops of saline solution or visine in the bottle and shake it well.

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5. Mix Your Expired Eyeshadow in Clear Nail Paint to Create Your Own Customized Nail Paint
Why to throw away the eyeshadow when you can actually use them? powder the eyeshadow and pour it into the bottle of clear nail paint and shake it well. Your clear nail paint will take up the colour of your eyeshadow.

beauty-products5Image Source: makeupgeek

6. Pour the Last Drops of Your Favourite Perfume in An Unscented Moisturizer to Make Your Own Perfumed Lotion.
Your expensive perfume is not meant to be thrown away in the dustbin. Even if it’s for the one last drop. Pour that last drop in your unscented lotion and see the magic!

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7. Wash Your Makeup Brushes in Baby Shampoo to Extend Their Life
Don’t use your regular cleanser or shampoo to clean the makeup brushes. They will lose strands. Wash them gently with a baby shampoo and lay them flat to dry.

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