5 Simple Ways to Remove Dye From Your Hair


Human being are ought to make some mistakes. Sometimes, such mistakes can turn into great regrets when you go for a hair color that looked gorgeous on your friend but proved to be a blunder on the hair.

Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of the unwanted hair dye.

1. Bleaching


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This is one of the most common methods for removing hair dye from the hair. It is one of the hard methods too and could damage the hair to some extent. So, always make sure to adopt it as the last solution. If your hair has been bleached, avoid the method.

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2. Bath salts


You can use bath salts to fade away the colour from the hair. Bath salts have sodium bicarbonate that helps in removing unwanted dye from the hair. You can use Epsom salt in case you do not have bathing salt handy. Now make a solution by mixing water and bath salt, and then transfer to a clean spray bottle and then spritz it on the hair. Make sure that the hair is soaked with the water.

3. Vitamin C


This method is suitable to get rid of semi-permanent hair colour. You need vitamin C tablet and regular shampoo. Then crush 1 to 2 vitamin C tablet and then mix with the shampoo. Then apply the shampoo on the hair so all strands are properly coated with it. The leave shampoo on the hair for about 20 minutes and wash the hair.

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4. Anti-dandruff shampoo


One of the simple ways to remove hair dye from the hair is to wash the hair with anti-dandruff shampoo. The pH levels of anti-dandruff shampoo is high and so, it helps in removing away semi-permanent hair dyes.

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5. Color removers


Color removers are available in market and are preferred for permanent hair colours. There are two varieties available in market- color stripper and color reducer. Color reducer is not harsh but doesn’t take away the color from your hair.

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