5 Reasons to consume white rice


In Thailand, white rice is consumed every day and most often at every single meal. It is considered a sacred food and is a part of religious festivals and ceremonies. This is true for other Asian countries as well.

It’s a great surprise that many people believe that brown rice is healthier since it contains nutrients and is unrefined.

Following are the 5 reasons why white rice is actually good for health

1. White rice helps in stabilizing blood sugar level

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It is strange to know white rice has more starch and it is fairly high on glycemic index (GI). GI is commonly used to rank foods based upon how they affect blood sugar level. High glycemic foods such as fruit juices, sweetened breakfast cereals, sodas, and white bread and yes, white rice, can raise blood sugar levels easily than other foods, high blood sugar could lead to type II diabetes and weight gain.

GI is a measurement of how a particular food affects blood sugar when it is eaten without other foods.

White rice when accompanied by other food – vegetables, meats, fats and bone broth will slow down the body’s digestive process which will prevent blood sugar spikes which come from eating high glycemic foods and will stabilize blood sugar level to a great extent.

White rice helps in resolving the chronic digestive issues.

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2. White rice can be easily digested

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People are unaware that whole grains can be hard for body to digest (including most doctors) if it is not properly prepared.  The outer layer of all grains, including brown rice contains phytic acid which is anti-nutrient and could cause digestive distress if not neutralized.

When a seed hits the earth and sprouts into a new plant, moisture, other soil conditions and warmth will naturally release the bran. Soaking, fermenting and sprouting seed grains will neutralize phytic acid (and other anti-nutrients in the bran) and make grains more digestible.

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3. White rice does not contain gluten


Three major sources of gluten are wheat, rye and barley. There is no exact reason known why gluten is causing many health problems in today scenario. It could be because gluten is a complex and tough protein for the body to digest. It is mainly present in junk food.  It is the new modern hybrids of wheat which are high in gluten than more historical strains.

White rice is a hypoallergenic food and presents none of these issues mentioned and is perfectly acceptable if you want a gluten-free diet.

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4. White rice helps in curing chronic digestive issues


Apart from its digestibility, many eastern healing systems consider white rice as having energetic characteristics which can be beneficial. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, consider it a cooling food that helps in clearing excessive heat and thus settle digestive upset.

Congee, a meal of bone broth and white rice has countless variations throughout Asia and is used for thousands of years for treating gut issues.

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