7-Step Method To Get Rid Of Acne With Simple Use Of Castor Oil


With the raging articles all over the internet, you must have read about the greatness of castor oil is for your skin, hair, health and everything you could possibly think of! Yes, that magical oil is none other than castor oil.
Did you the magical oil can help you get rid of acne at home, without getting into the trouble of spending hundreds or thousands on their treatments or therapies. So, if you are fed up of those stubborn acnes or scars and blemishes, then here is the ultimate answer for you-Castor Oil!

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How It Works

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Acne is nothing but the result of impurities and dirt deposition in your pores or in-between the skin cells. Acne causes irritation and inflammation in your skin and castor oil rescues you from that horrid condition.

Castor oil helps sooth the skin and effectively removes the dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and excess oil too. It successfully eliminated all the impurities and leaves you with a clear and healthy skin. It gets deep into your skin through penetration and removes the impurities that cause breakouts in the first place.

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How To Use The Castor Oil For Treating Acne
The method used here is known as ‘oil cleansing method’, which helps you get an acne-free skin and prevents further breakouts. But before you use the oil all over your face, it is better that you do a patch test.
For the patch-test, steam your face to open the pores and then apply a little amount of castor oil on the acne-prone area of your face. Then see if it’s reacting negatively on your skin. If so, then wash off immediately, otherwise let the oil stay for overnight and follow the method next day.

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Step-by-step method:
Step 1: Boil some water in a pot and pour it into the pan once boiled. Get towels ready meanwhile.
Step 2: Lose your clothes and make a tent-like cover from over the top of the boiled water pan using a towel or heavy blanket towel.
Step 3: Through the steam process, your clogged pores will open up and your skin will be ready for the castor oil treatment.
Step 4: Now, remove the steam and start applying oil onto the acne-sensitive spots or areas of your skin like face, neck, back, legs, chest and shoulders. Gently massage the castor oil in circular motions to let it penetrate deep inside the skin.
Step 5: Now take a wet towel and wipe the oil from your skin.
Step 6: Then, bathe in the cold water which will help your pores to contract.
Step7: Wipe your skin dry and then apply castor oil all over your body to moisturize it well.
Repeat this process a few times in a week for the two continuous weeks, and you will see that your skin is healthier and acne-free.

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With this amazing process of using castor oil for removing acnes and preventing the further breakout, all you need to do is follow the instructions properly and you will be having a healthier skin in no time!

Have you ever used this process or castor oil before? If yes, then what results did you get? How did your skin react to the castor oil? Have you tried any other ways to get a healthier skin using castor oil? Share your experience and remedies with us in the comment section below!

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