7 things every girl who loves her hair do


We all know that one girl who has the most amazing hair and you often wonder, what is it that makes her hair so beautiful and healthy looking. In some cases, it might be genetic, but even that factor is not enough to have hair like that. So today we are going to mention the things that girls who love their hair do and you, don’t.

So here are the 7 things that girls who love their hair do.

1. They believe in their hair stylist- Girls who love their hair don’t just rely on or trust any random stylist for their hair. They stick to just one hair stylist on whom they can rely on completely. Though it may take some time to find the stylist that understands your hair the way you do, but eventually you will find the one. Plus, they don’t shy away from paying a bit extra because perfection doesn’t come for cheap.

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2. They go for regular trims- We always hear that if you want to maintain a healthy mane you should get your hair trimmed regularly. This is one habit that they follow religiously. Since they get their mane trimmed on regular intervals they don’t have split ends and because they don’t have split ends their hair always look bouncy and healthy. Though the trim won’t help to make the hair grow faster but it does add to the good health of the hair.

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3. They invest time and money in their hair- In order to take care of something you have to spend a certain amount of money and time and the same is with your hair too. They invest in their hair and investment doesn’t have to be thousands of rupees or spending hours every day on their hair. The key lies in finding the product that actually works for them. Also, they don’t hesitate in going an extra mile for getting their favorite products or checking out all the online stores for getting their favorite shampoo.

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4. They don’t wash their hair everyday- Girls who love their hair never wash them on a daily basis. They wash their hair only when they need to, like every other day or every third day maybe. They are very much aware of the fact that washing hair on a daily basis may cause irreversible damage to their hair. They also use dry shampoo to keep their hair oil free when in between washes.

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5. They are gentle with their hair- Girls who actually love their hair will never tug or pull their hair. Whether it is styling or combing they are as gentle as possible with their hair. They are also very regular with deep conditioning and don’t use hot tools very often for styling their hair.

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6. They don’t just stick to one product- Girls who love their hair don’t just stick onto a single product. They do have favorites but they are also not reluctant in trying out new products. If the product works for them then its good otherwise they give it a pass.

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7. They are all ears and eyes for haircare and hair styling tips- Girls who love their hair are always up for learning or trying out new hair styles and hair care tips and tricks. They have the patience and dedication when it comes to their hair.

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