7 Things No One Tells You About Losing Your Virginity!


Virginity has been an overhyped term these days. Especially in our country, losing your virginity has always been considered as a matter of shame. If you’re a girl, then virginity should be your most priced possession till the day you get hitched. But thankfully, the things are gradually changing. Pre-marital sex is no longer a taboo. But before you decide to get in bed with someone, there are few things about virginity that your friends and internet has never told you about.

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1. No One Cares If You’re a Virgin or Not
Virginity is not an accolade you’ll get applauded for. Actually, no one cares whether you’ve got laid or not. You had sex? okay. No one cares. You never did? Okay, no one cares! If you’ll have it, you’re not going to be the only person who has gone through this eleven minutes of heaven. If you don’t, then you’re not the last untouched person on the Earth. Wait for the time when you’ll feel like having it with someone.

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2. Losing Virginity is Not Just Having Sex
Many people confuse penetration with losing the virginity. The union of penis and a vagina does not necessarily mean losing virginity. What about people who are homosexual? Are they going to be eternally virgin? No! any act of physical intimacy which carries the risk of STDs can be considered as losing virginity.

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3. Your Hymen May or May Not Break During Your First Time
Your hymen is not homologous to the plastic wrap. It’s just a layer of tissues that covers your vaginal opening. During your first sexual encounter, it might rupture a bit and cause a little bleeding. But there are equal chances that your hymen has already been ruptured due to physical activities like cycling, dancing, etc. The hymen has nothing to do with the virginity.

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4. It Would Hurt a Little
Don’t freak out. To reduce the pain, foreplay is important. It increases the lubrication in the vagina and decreases the friction. Getting straight to the act can be painful as your body might not be ready for sex. If you’re feeling extreme discomfort during sex, you can ask him to slow down.

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5. Your Virginity is not a Gift You’re Going to Offer Your Husband/Boyfriend
Don’t ever gift your virginity to your boyfriend/husband as a token of love. Don’t be pressurized by the expectations from the other side. You never owe sex to anyone. Do it only when you’re ready and when you really feel like doing it. You have to wait for your inner self to say yes to sex.

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6. Plan Before Losing Your Virginity
We’re not talking about the roses, candles and lingerie for the sexy time, but the rather serious stuff. Sex comes with great responsibilities. Practice safe sex. Think about a feasible birth control method. Losing virginity is a no big deal, but getting pregnant really is. Having sex for the first time is a life-changing event. But it should be in a positive manner, not for the unplanned pregnancy or STD.

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7. You Might Think Sex is Overrated
When you’re done for the first time, you’ll be like “Are we done, already?”. You will wonder what the hype is all about. It’s 100% normal. During the first time, people are usually nervous and tensed. This takes away the pleasures of sex. And again, this is completely normal. You’ll enjoy it when you’ll be an ace at it.

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