9 Hacks To Get Perfect Salon Like Nails At Home


Do you think you have beautiful nails that can be decorated in any style but are afraid to spend hefty amount just to get that smooth and tidy look? Do you wish to you have those pretty nails that you get after a salon visit without actually having to go there? Then you have come to the right place! Read the article below to know a few simple hacks to get that perfect salon like nails at home.

Applying nail paint is easy, but giving it a finished and perfect look is tough! It always ends up being messy and untidy. That’s why we are here to tell you about some nail hacks that will make your nails look beautiful and give them a smoother and prettier look.

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1. Is There Any Residue?

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Aren’t you guilty of those days when you just decide to go out with those chipped nail polish or even overlap a new one on the old? Well, that must stop! If you desire to have that perfect salon-like look for your nails, then you need to get rid of that residue of your old nail paint first, before applying a new one.

2. Prepare Your Nails

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It is the first and the most important step in making your nails beautiful. Prepare your nails before you start putting on that lovely nail paint you chose. Trim them then file them, that’s all you need to do to get that desired shape for your nail you wanted to. Level up those uneven edges, then moisturize them to get a clean and hygienic look.

3. The ‘3-Coat’ Rule

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The only trick you can easily apply to get those salon perfect nails is to stick with the 3-coat rule. First, take nail paint on your brush and apply a coat by stroking in the middle so that it covers most of the nail area. Next, apply the other two coats to fill up the edges and make sure the last two coats are thinner than the first.

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4. Use Base Coat

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Applying a base coat before the desired color nail paint makes the color pop even more and stays for longer. Base coat helps your nails by protected them from the chemicals present in the dark colored nail paints and saves your nail color from changing its original shade to something else, because of your dark nails.

5. Take Care of Your Cuticles

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Trimming your cuticles is as much important as trimming and filing your nails. Use cuticle oil to soften and then remove them to get a cleaner look. Imagine how dirty and untidy it would look if you apply a nice and clean shade on your nails with all those efforts to make them look salon like, and there they are, your cuticles destroying the perfect look in an unsightly way.

6. Say No to Quick Dry Nail Paints

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Quick dry nail paint sounds exciting and fun but they come with a cost. Just when you are ready to apply the second coat, you see that the first coat has already dried out and it makes the look messy and untidy, overlapping one on another. So, it’s better to avoid using those quick dry nail pails and go for gel nail colors, for a more finished look.

7. Use Glue

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We know that you will get messy while applying your nail paint, for that we have a perfect solution. Apply Glue! Yes, apply glue or fevicol over the skin adjoining your nails to avoid any mess and untidy look. Let it dry before you start applying nail paint on the nails. When you are done applying the nail color, peel off the glue for a clean and perfect look.

8. Only Thin Coats

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Thick coats take a longer time to set and dry in comparison to thin coats, which not even set quickly and don’t take much time to dry, but also looks tidy and finished look. In case you want a more prominent shade, apply the first coat, let it dry and then go for another coating.

9. Cold Water to the Rescue

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Another best way to quickly dry your nail paints is to dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water. This trick is better than using quick dry nail paints.

Now that we have told you so many ways to try getting that salon look for your nails, share this article and comment in the box below. Good luck to get that mastered look for your nails!

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