7 Tips to Help You Talk to Your Crush


It is normal to feel butterflies in your tummy when you’re around the guy you like. It’s not only boys, girls also feel nervous talking to their crush. No matter how many conversations they have with the person in their mind, they go speechless when that guy comes in front of them. Catching a guy’s attention is not that difficult. But one wrong move can take him away from you. You have to make conversations so as to make yourself more desirable to him. Here are 7 useful tips which will let you win your prince charming’s heart.

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1. Smile Often
A genuine smile is better than any makeup. If you want a guy to notice you, smile often as you can. Talk to him with a subtle smile on your face. Laugh at his jokes. The sparkle in your eyes will automatically draw him closer to you.

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2. Be Graceful
Just as women like a chivalrous man, men like the feminine side of a girl. They like the grace a woman have it in her. So, act like a well-behaved lady and be elegant. Talk with cute expressions. And of course, smile as often as you can.

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3. Touch Him While Talking
Many men are said to be drawn closer to women who touch tenderly while talking. Touching doesn’t mean that you cling with your arms around him. Pat them on their wrist or back while talking. Touch their forearm while walking.

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4. Seek His Help
Men like to be seen by the women as a protector. It’s a kind of ego boost for them. While crossing streets, hold his hands. You can ask him to hold a heavy bag you have to carry. Do anything to make him feel like he’s a protector.

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5. Use Social Media to Talk to Him
If you’re too shy to initiate a conversation in person, you can use the social media. You can comment on his pictures or text him asking about his whereabouts on Facebook. But if he’s a complete stranger, don’t comment on any of his timeline activity. If he comments on any of your pictures, don’t be lightning fast to reply.

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6. Ask for Favours
This is the easiest way to spark a conversation. If you spot your crush at the supermarket, you can ask him about a particular product. If he’s from the same college, you can ask him about notes or project. But don’t sound too desperate.

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7. Be Polite
Be kind to people around you. If you’re rude to people around you, he’s going to be repelled by your personality. Act like a well-behaved lady. Guys don’t like to date or hang out with a girl who’s a smug. Be polite and show your feminine side off. Catch his attention in a positive way.

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So, good luck talking to your crush and remember, don’t go overboard as it might intimidate him.