7 Uncommon Nail Paint Colors That Look Equally Glam as Red & Black!


Do you puzzle out when you are out for shopping some nail paints? Most of us do! We often end up buying the same old red, black and pink coloured nail paints and regret. Don’t we? It’s high time to start making some different choices now. Here are some bold and different nail paints for the colourful women. Don’t forget to get a manicure before painting your nails.

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1. Turquoise
Turquoise colour is bright and bold. And the best part is that it goes pretty well with all types and colours of dress. It looks well with casuals as well as formals.

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2. Bright Orange
Red has outlived its age. Now let it go. Try this bright orange shade on your well-manicured nails. I agree, it’s too unconventional, but it’s surely going to turn some heads at the party.

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3. Dark Purple
We have been using the lighter shades of purple for quite a while. Ditch the lilacs and mauves, try this bold new shade of purple and incite the goth inside you.


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4. Neon Green
I dare all the women readers to try this shade for once. For the first time, you’ll feel like it’s something out of the world. But believe me, such shades will bring a lot of attention to your nails. With this glossy finish on your nails, you can look over the top.

5. Mint Green
This colour is my personal favourite. This pastel shade looks pretty on all types of complexion. Tired of the pastel shades? Try this minty shade on your nails and mark the beginning of summer.

6. Grey
Don’t want flashy nail colours? Then grey is the best resort for you. Grey is a perfect option for the black lovers. Try this lesser intense version of black on your nails.

7. Blueberry
Blueberry looks as flattering as tasty they are. This colour looks chic on all types of complexion. So, get a bottle for yourself.

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