7 Useful Makeup Tips for Oily Skin That You Should Know


Makeup is that simple thing that can increase the beauty quotient of a person. However, for skin types like oily skin, people face many problems when it comes to makeup as it oxidizes soon and melts off which ruins the entire look. Fortunately, in this article, we have shared few makeup tips for oily skin  that we can keep in mind to get a perfect look.

1. Prime up your skin

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Primer is that beauty product which not only acts as a base but also acts a protective layer between the makeup and your skin and prevents clogging of pores. While choosing a primer for your skin,  make sure it is not silicone based as it can cause an allergic reaction, which can lead to breakouts. Try to find a primer, which contains salicylic acid as it helps in combating acne.

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Expert advice:

To prevent excess oil try applying primer over your foundation. Just take some primer on your fingers, and dab it on the oily area and see the magic.

2. Find a perfect foundation

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Finding a perfect foundation for an oily skin is a tricky task. There are many foundations that melt off quickly and need frequent touch-ups. The simple way to tackle this issue is to use a powder-based foundation. Using powder-based foundation makes your skin look less shiny and it does not look too heavy on your skin. But still, if you want to use liquid foundation, then it is suggested that you should pick water-based foundation or mousse foundation.

3. Use face powder

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Face powder is one of the best beauty products for oily skin. Applying face powder can help in reducing the shine set by the foundation. Most of the people are confused whether to use pressed powder or loose powder. Well, both of them are good and works effectively on an oily skin. Still, people should use loose powder as it soaks more oil.

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Expert advice:

Try to use blotting paper to get rid of excess oil throughout the day as it absorbs oil without ruining your makeup.

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4. Try mineral makeup

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Mineral makeup is a blessing for the people who have oily skin. Mineral makeup is made up of inorganic minerals and is oil free, which makes it an ideal beauty product for oily skin. It also protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun as it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The zinc element present in this makeup also helps the makeup to stay for a longer period.

5. Use matte blushes

Use-matte-blushesimage source: makeupandbeauty

Try to use matte blushes instead of shimmer ones as the makeup melts off easily on the oily skin. Powder blush stays for a longer period as compared to cream based ones. Still, if you want to use cream blush then always make sure that you set them with a translucent powder.

6. Apply minimum layers

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Always avoid applying layers of makeup, as there are chances that it would bake or melt. So, it is better to apply minimum layers of makeup on your face.

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7. Use oil free makeup remover

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It is easy to apply makeup on the skin, which is good in shape and there is no such difference for oily skin. So, always make sure that you clean your skin with a toner and oil free makeup remover.

So, these were the few makeup tips for oily skin that you should follow for a long lasting makeup look.

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