8 Acne-Causing Foods That You Should Avoid


Acne is a very common skin problem that people face. There are some types of acne that can be treated completely, but there are some that keep occurring again and again. Acne or breakouts are caused because of hormonal imbalance, stress and because of some foods that you consume. So, here we have shared a list of acne-causing foods that you should avoid in order to get a beautiful and flawless skin.

1. Cheese

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If you want to get rid of acne then, you will have to reduce the intake of cheese in your diet. It contains progesterone that can stimulate the fat glands which can later make your skin unhealthy and oily.

2. Milk

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Yes, it’s true that dairy products are good for health but, not all of them are good for your skin. Various studies have shown that glycaemic foods can lead to acne and milk is one of them. And it is said that milk has a direct impact on your hormones and hormonal changes can lead to acne. So, it is suggested that you should reduce the intake of milk to prevent acne.

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3. Chocolate

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Now, this is something heart-breaking. But, it’s true. It is said that the high sugar and fat content present in chocolates can lead to sebum production that can cause inflammation in the body. So, to avoid acne, try to cut down on chocolates or start having dark chocolates as it has antioxidant properties.

4. Red meat

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It is said that red meat can cause excess sebum production that can lead to increased oil production which makes your skin more prone to acne. So, try to reduce the intake of red meat to get an acne-free and clear skin.

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5. Bread

BreadImage Source: cloudfront

Bread can deplete the skin’s antioxidant level as it can lead to the development of acne. Besides this, it also contains gluten which is known as the major acne-causing component that also leads to inflammation.

6. Acne-causing foods include potato chips

Potato chipsImage Source: libelle

Not just potato chips, other snacks like deep-fried food or french fries can cause damage to your skin. These foods can also cause inflammation and can lead to acne. So, if you can, then try avoiding potato chips and other junk foods.

7. Guavas

GuavasImage Source: servingjoy
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Acne sometimes can appear because of improper gut processes or secretion. Though, guavas are considered as a healthy option but can lead to constipation. It can also cause the improper elimination of toxins in the body that can result in acne.

8. Coffee

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It’s true that drinks like coffee can provide you with a sudden outburst of energy but in the long run, it can make your skin suffer. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have coffee. All you need is to control the intake of coffee per day to avoid acne.

So, these were the few acne-causing foods that you should avoid to get a flawless skin.

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