8 Exclusive Cafes in India That Offer More Than Just Food


The names of the cafes which I’m going to tell you today isn’t all about food and ambience. It is more than just having food sitting on chic furniture. The experience you’ll have in these cafes will be worth remembering for a lifetime. You must be wondering, what’s so special about these cafes? Isn’t it?
Read on and know it by yourself, how some quirky ideas and a noble thought of some people stand out of the crowd. So here are 8 such cafes that have redefined the hospitality and food culture in India.

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1. Sheroes Hangout Café, Agra
As the name suggests, this place is solely run by the female heroes (Sheroes) from all around the countries. This unique café is run by acid attack survivors who chose to fight back for life. It is situated very near to Taj Mahal and was inaugurated in 2014. You can pay as much as you wish. There is no price tag! They now have other branches in Lucknow and Udaipur as well.

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2. KunZum Travel Café, New Delhi
This exceptional café is located in Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi. The paintings and photographs in the café will urge you to pack your bags and leave your home already. It offers free Wi-Fi, food, and beverages. The visitors pay as much as they want.

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3. Seva Café, Bengaluru
Here, the menu book has no price! Yes, really! The bill you will get will read Rs. 0! No, you’re no dreaming. This place in Bangalore works on pay forward basis. Your meal will be a gift from someone who came before you. So to have the chain going, you can pay for the people coming after you. The branches are also located in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

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4. Tihar Food Court, New Delhi (Run by Tihar Prisoners)
This rehabilitation initiative was established by the Tihar Prison. This food court is situated few metres away from the prison dormitories. The prison inmates are provided with the opportunity to improve themselves and earn by doing something worthwhile. The inmates travel to the food court by cycles and the security trust them enough that they won’t try to escape.

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5. The ‘Giving Tree’, Pappadavada, Kerala
This a noble initiated taken by Minu Pauline, who is the owner of Pappadavada restaurant, to feed the hungry and homeless. She regularly keeps 50 packets of food in the refrigerator. Those who have excess food can also donate their food to the needy. The restaurant stands the electricity bill for the community refrigerator. Also, a security camera is installed for security.

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6. Café Toto, Kolkata
The Kolkata French Consulate aided the setup of this French Café in the city of Kolkata. This café is operated under two NGO’s Tomorrow’s Foundation and Life Project 4 Youth. The adults from the underprivileged background are deployed to work in the café. The destitute aging between 18-24 years is enrolled in a one-year program to train them in English, IT skills, personal skills and micro-economic industry. The café have place for only 20 people at a time, but the experience you’re going to get there will stay in your mind forever.

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7. Cat Studio Café, Mumbai
If you’re an animal lover, you’re going to love the place. This place is the home to many rescued cats. People are also allowed to adopt the cats from this café. The adoptions are absolutely free. Donations are also accepted in the form of cash, cat food, cat toys and other things.

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8. Puppychino, New Delhi
This café already created a lot of buzz on the internet. This is India’s first café where the dog owners are allowed to bring their canines with them. There is a separate room for the dogs to play. Two girls started the café as they always felt the guilt leave their dogs alone at home whenever they went out.

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