Learn About Some Food Etiquette Rules From All Over The World!


Table etiquettes are the best way to show off your manners. These include how you conduct yourself while you eat the food. This might sound simple, but in reality, it is not! There are some surprising yet bizarre food etiquette rules from across the world. Want to know some? Read below:

1. Never Flip Over A Whole Fish

 Never Flip Over A Whole FishImage Source: seriouseats

This custom is quite popular in China and is, therefore, followed by them. After eating one side of the fish and then flipping, is considered bad luck in China. So, instead of flipping the fish , if you really want to eat its flesh, just remove its bone and set it aside, so that you can get its flesh underneath.

2. Don’t Use Fork: Does This Really Comes Under The Food Etiquette Rules?

Don't Use Fork: Does This Really Comes Under The Food Etiquette Rules?Image Source: ytimg

Yes, it does. In Thailand, eating food with a fork is not considered a good thing. According to their etiquettes, the fork is used simply for putting food on to the spoon, not for eating. If you ever visit Thailand, then avoid eating food with your left hand. It also does not come under their table manners! So, always be on your right hand.

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3. Never Be Punctual: Relief For Late Comers!

Never Be Punctual: Relief For Late Comers!Image Source: inreallife

Will you believe me, if I say that showing up late on dining comes under food etiquette rules? If not, then try out this habit if you ever visit Tanzania! In Tanzania, coming on time for food is often considered an insult to the host, therefore it’s always better to be at least 20 minutes late for your lunch or dinner in Tanzania! Wow, such a plus point for the latecomers!

4. Never Pass Food From Chopsticks To Chopsticks

Never Pass Food From Chopsticks To ChopsticksImage Source: cloudfront

Passing food from chopsticks to chopsticks is often thought rude in Japan. The reason behind this is that during their funeral rites, bones are usually passed like this. One more thing you must keep in mind while eating food in Japan-never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice bowl since it is usually done while offering to the spirit of a dead person, in front of their photo or death bed.

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5. Do Not Order Milk-Based Beverage After A Meal

Do Not Order Milk-Based Beverage After A MealImage Source: wikimedia

Planning to visit Italy? Then you must be aware of their food etiquette rules list. One rule is never drink milk-based beverage after the meals. This is because milk usually halts the digestion, therefore, it’s always better to order such beverages prior to the meal.

6. Don’t Use Your Left Hand For Eating

 Don't Use Your Left Hand For EatingImage Source: dohanews

This is quite a common rule which you might have heard many a time. This food etiquette hails from Arabic countries, where eating food with the left hand is strictly a no-no. Why? The left hand is usually used for toilet duties hence, left hand is often considered unclean. So, make sure to always eat with your right hand instead of left, when visiting any Arabic country.

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7. Don’t Expect A Full Cup Of Tea

Don't Expect A Full Cup Of TeaImage Source: wikimedia

If you ever get a chance to visit Kazakhstan, then make sure to be in touch with their food tradition. If they serve a half cup of tea, then don’t feel offended. In fact, it is a good sign. Serving a full cup of tea in Kazakhstan is considered a bad etiquette and is a sign that they want you to leave.

So, if you are planning to visit any of these countries, you must scroll down the page to know their food etiquette rulebook first!

More weird food etiquettes from around the world in your kitty? Share with us.

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