Parents Should Stop Saying These Phrases To Children


Being a parent is itself a great achievement though parenthood comes with a good lot of responsibilities! Unwittingly-uttered phrases of yours can change your child’s worldview, can disorient them for the rest of their life and can make them morally weak as well. So, stop saying these phrases to children to keep your child on track!

1. Stop Crying

Stop CryingImage Source: mdpcdn

It’s the tendency of almost every parent to say “stop crying” when they see their child crying. But do you think it’s a good phrase to console your child? Saying this phrase is actually a bad idea because hearing this oftentimes, your child may grow up withdrawn and silent or sometimes aggressive  as well. Instead of saying this phrase, ask the reason and invite a conversation. By doing so, you will identify his emotions and feelings.

2. Stop Saying these Phrases to Children like “Look At Your Friends”

 Stop Saying these Phrases to Children like “Look At Your Friends”Image Source: parents

This is one of the common phrases which almost everyone must have heard in their childhood from their parents! Comparing your child with others is actually a wrong way to make him/her understand things. By saying this phrase, you are affecting your child in a negative way. This might result in low self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, whenever you want to convey anything to your child, just say that you can do better and try to point out his/her abilities and boost their morale. Always remember, your kid is unique and has its own talent!

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3. Always Listen To Your Adults

Always Listen To Your AdultsImage Source: findmyscout

Ah! Another common phrase which our parents use! But parents should realize that by saying this phrase to their children can actually make them believe all adults. They might think that all adults are good and smart and can, therefore, can make a mistake while judging a stranger! Therefore, it is the duty of the parents to avoid such phrases. Instead of this, they should say, “listen to your parents”. By doing so, you will make them develop a critical thinking.

4. We’ll Have A Talk At Home!

We’ll Have A Talk At Home!Image Source: irishtimes

As a child, this was used to be one of the scariest phrases we could ever heard! Saying this phrase to your child actually scares him. They usually develop bad thoughts about you and start thinking that you don’t love them, and the house is the place where you are going to punish them. Instead of using such a threatening phrase, just say that “I’ll tell you what upset me today”. Hearing your words, the child will automatically realize their mistake and will think twice before committing the same mistake again!

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5. Don’t be Greedy!

Don’t be Greedy!Image Source: momsxyz

Use this phrase very carefully especially when you say it to your child because hearing this, the child may think that they must share everything. This might be good but overtime, it can also lead to developing into sacrificial behavior. Therefore, give your child an opportunity to manage their things by themselves. If you find your child is against sharing, then do not always insist on him/her to share their things! Try to avoid such interference sometimes.

6. You’re Too Young To Know about This

You’re Too Young To Know about ThisImage Source: amerikanki

Many a time, you face weird questions from your child. To avoid such question, parents usually say “you’re too young to think about this”. But do you think it is a right way to escape from it? In fact, by saying this, you are actually provoking him and creating more curiosity, thereby leading to a wrong track. In such case, do not dismiss the child, rather say “I’m not ready to answer your question now and I need some time”. This way, they will trust you and won’t lose their trust as well.

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7. Who Taught You This?

Who Taught You This?Image Source: mnn

Saying this to your children actually make them think that they can shift their blame on others and can escape from the situation. Instead of saying such a phrase, ask them why they did the mistake or mischief. Doing this, you can easily find out whether the child erred by himself or someone else has encouraged. Always give your child to explain themselves before scolding them.

So, from next time when your child commits a mistake, instead of scolding or saying wrong phrases, speak to them and find out the real reason behind their mistake! I’m sure, they will definitely learn from this.

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