8 Common Things Girls with Long Hair Should Avoid


Girl with long locks always makes us dream about Rapunzel, isn’t it? And every girl wishes to flaunt her long and shiny hair if not always but sometimes. But, in reality, it takes a lot of effort to maintain such hair. Especially, it needs some extra care and patience when it’s long. Well, you don’t need to worry as you can easily maintain long hair by avoiding common mistakes.

So, here are the few things girls with long hair should avoid.

1. Skipping haircare regimes

 Skipping haircare regimesImage Source: kryzuy

The thing is that you should never skip on your hair care regime. The longer your hair, there are more chances of it getting damaged by sun and styling. So, try to take out some time once a week for an oil massage and hair masks. You can also go to a hair spa once a month.

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2. Never soak your hair in chemicals

Never soak your hair in chemicalsImage Source: eurosensehair

Always try to avoid hair products loaded with paraben and alcohol. Especially, the ones that you need to apply at the ends. Remember the longer the hair, the more nourishment it needs.

3. Avoid plastic brushes

 Avoid plastic brushesImage Source: ionathome

Always make sure that you use a wooden or ceramic brush as it does not affect your scalp and also helps to spread natural oils evenly.

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4. Avoid using harsh shampoos

Avoid using harsh shampoosImage Source: huffpost

It is always suggested that you should avoid using shampoos that can strip off the natural oils from the scalp. As you have long hair, there are chances that your ends might get drier with time. So, it is better to opt for a mild shampoo and conditioner.

5. Avoid backcombing your hair

Avoid backcombing your hairImage Source: matrix

Backcombing is something that you should completely avoid doing to your hair. Your hair is already stressed by the weight. So, try to invest in good hair products to add volume to your mane.

6. Never cancel your trim appointments

 Never cancel your trim appointmentsImage Source: unileverservices
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Remember when your hairstylist says that you should get your hair trimmed regularly? Well, this is something which you should definitely follow in order to maintain the health of your mane.

7. Avoid ill-treating wet hair

Avoid ill-treating wet hairImage Source: tobruckave

Avoid using a blow dryer when you have dripping wet hair. Always make sure that you dry your hair using a towel before applying heat. Besides this, try to use a microfiber towel and make sure that you never skip heat protectant or hair serum before using styling equipment.

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8. Never tie your hair in the same way

 Never tie your hair in the same wayImage Source: cutegirlshairstyles

In context to this point, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

• Never tie hair in the same style every day.
• Always try to switch the position of your bun and ponytail.
• And make sure that you don’t tie your hair too tightly.

So, these were the few things girls with long hair should avoid.

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