8 Vaginal Hygiene Rules Every Girl Must Know


Just as any other body part, vagina too is a part of our (female) body. Now you must be thinking that why am I telling you this because you already know that. Yes, we all know this. But how many of us actually put in some effort to take care of this part of the female anatomy. We are so much concerned about other body parts such as our face, hands and feet, just because they are the exposed parts. But like any other body part, your vagina too needs some attention and care in order to stay healthy, clean and free of any infections.
Below we have mentioned 8 Vaginal hygiene rules every girl must know in order to keep things “down there” sorted.

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1. Do not use the same sanitary napkin for extended hours- When you are in your periods, it is of utmost importance that you change your sanitary pad every 4-6 hours, no matter what. If you are keeping the same sanitary napkin any longer than that then you are giving an invitation to problems such as bad odour, rashes as well as infections.

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2. Avoid wearing tight clothes – It is always advisable to wear undergarments which are made with cotton fabric as they allow your skin to breathe. Wearing synthetic fabric may irritate your skin as it won’t allow it to breathe. This could also turn into one of the reasons for vaginal infections and irritation.

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3. Misbalance in the pH level – Your vagina has a natural way of self-cleaning it and keeping it safe from infections and bacteria by maintaining a certain amount of moisture in the vagina and a pH level of 3.8 to 4.5. When you use soaps or any harsh chemicals which are not meant for your vagina then you are causing a misbalance in the vaginal area, which might turn into infections and continuous irritation. Thus it is best not to do anything to the vagina or using only those products which are specifically designed for that purpose.

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4. Clean the vaginal area after having sex – If you do not clean after having sex then there are chances of getting an infection since the residue of certain body fluids or from the condoms or lubes may still be present in the vagina. There are always chances of things going wrong, thus it is always better to be safe.

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5. Use talcum powder – If your vaginal area feels too moist almost wet all the time then you can use talcum powder to keep your vagina dry. After you take a shower apply some talcum powder on that area and you are set for the day.

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6. Remove your pubic hair – In order to keep your vaginal area extra clean you should keep your pubic hair short. You can trim them using a bikini trimmer or if you can bear the pain then you can also go for a Brazilian or bikini wax.

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7. No douching – Douche is the French word for wash. The process of douching involves washing your private parts using a chemical fluid which is acidic in nature. Douching is often done after sex in order to kill the sperms. But a drawback of the same is that it can disturb your pH level thus leading to infections. Also, it is not the best type of contraceptive so there is absolutely no reason to use it.

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8. Never scrub your vagina – The skin of the vagina is very sensitive and thus you should treat it in a very gentle manner. Scrubbing your vaginal area or using products which are too harsh on the skin should not be used at all. Always go for products which are meant for your vaginal area specifically.

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