Is It A Good Idea To Have Sex When You Are Drunk?


While having sex with someone you really love or want to (in the case of casual sex), might be one of the best experiences for you. On the other hand, having sex with someone you don’t know, while you are drunk, could be one of the worst experiences of your life ever. Not only there are several risks associated with it but some unwanted things are also attached to it. Below we have mentioned some of the risks which make drunk sex one of the worst things to try ever.

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1. There are more chances of choosing the wrong person- When you are drunk because your senses and brain are overpowered with the effect of alcohol. According to a study, you are more likely to go for a sexual partner you would not go for if you are sober. The haze that you have after having alcohol can make not so appealing men appealing to you. Under the influence of alcohol, you may also end up having sex with a stranger.

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2. Unending regret- Most of the times drunk sex results into regrets and feeling terrible about yourself after you wake up. In fact, there has been a study according to which the most common feeling reported after drunk sex was regret.

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3. You may feel sick- The common things that you will experience after getting drunk is feeling dizzy, nauseous and you may also pass out; definitely not the things that you want when you are indulging one of the most intimate moments of your life. When you are high on alcohol you won’t be able to enjoy it as much as you would have otherwise. The sexual desire also subsides a lot when you are drunk.

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4. There are chances of getting pregnant or STDs- When you are drunk there are hardly any chance that either of you would care about using some kind of contraceptive (condom). Even if you are on birth control there is still the risk of getting STDs. This one is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of having drunk sex, definitely not worth it.

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5. Sexual assault- As I mentioned in the first point that when you are drunk your brain and senses, in general, may get overpowered under the influence of alcohol. When you don’t have control over your sense you become vulnerable and thus there are more chances of you getting sexually assaulted or in the worse cases raped. In fact, a lot of such cases happen when the women are drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

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