9 Mistakes You Should NEVER Make When You’re in Your 20’s!


When girls cross their fancy teenage and plunge into 20’s, they often suffer from a quarter life crisis. It is one tough decade. You meet a lot of temporary people. You get your heart stolen, broken and healed. There are lots of ups and downs in this single phase. One hell of a roller coaster ride. But in lieu of these, we can’t put our maturity and sensibility on a short leash. Here are few things which we SHOULDN’T do in our 20’s, but we often end up doing them.

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1. Whining About Almost Everything
Sometimes it is okay to be dissatisfied. But not always. Your dissatisfaction with your life should lead you to make changes. Fools are the people who just crib about their life and doing nothing to make a change.

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2. Not Putting Family First
Leave your teenage ways behind. It’s high time that you need to realise the importance of your family. Family doesn’t include only the blood relationships you have with people but also the people who truly care about you. They’re the ones who will be by your side when the time comes.

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3. Not Telling How You Feel
Enough of this keeping things to yourself. Don’t wait for the right time to tell the things you feel. Take the time and make it right. Concealing your feelings isn’t going to take you places. Express your feelings as they are: Anger, love or despair.

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4. Seeking People’s Approval
Sometimes, we all seek validation of what we’re doing. But making choices for seeking validation from people is simply a waste of time. Instead of pleasing anyone else, please yourself. Do things that make you happy instead of others.

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5. Not Saving Money
You live only once? No! You live everyday and die only once. Don’t use this adage to justify your spendthrift ways. It is okay to spend on the things that make you happy. But keep a portion of your earning as a saving. 20’s is the most flexible age where you can survive even the adverse situations.

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6. Expecting Life to be Fair to You
Life’s never fair, not to you, not to anyone. Justice doesn’t run the world, get this thing straight out of your mind. The world is going to be brutal and harsh. You’ve got to be tough to face everything. Learn to be happy in both the phases of your life, be it fair or unfair.

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7. Letting People Take Credit of Your Work
You put your effort into a task and accomplish it. Then somebody rakes in all the credit for the work and you let him to. Don’t let so-called elders take the credit of your work just because you’re a bud.

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8. Thinking Other People are Luckier Than You
The grass is always greener on the other side. Similarly, there must be someone who thinks that you’re luckier than him. Don’t measure happiness just by the size of the house or car he owns. You might not know about the inner struggles he’s facing.

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9. Hating Your Body
This is the cruelest thing you can do to yourself. Learn to be happy in your own skin. There’s diversity in everything, even in the body types. Just because you have a different body type, doesn’t mean that it isn’t right.

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