5 Home Remedies For Treating Stretch Marks With Castor Oil


Castor Oil may come up as a great rescue for those who have stretch marks. Stretch marks are one of the most dreadful skin conditions for a woman’s beauty, getting rid of them is either impossible or not so easy.

Are you ashamed of those disgraceful and ugly looking stretch marks on your body? Have you tried those expensive yet useless chemical treatments to get rid of those horrid looking marks and got unsatisfying results?

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Don’t just give up yet, ladies! There are many ways by which you can remove or lighten up your stretch marks at home only. One of them is the use of castor oil.
Castor oil is a magic ingredient that works for almost every beauty and fitness trick, either by its direct application or mixing it with some other ingredients.
Here are 5 ways in which you can use castor oil for reducing or removing them completely.
1. Heated/Warm castor oil
It is the simplest way to apply the castor oil without mixing it with any other ingredient, by heating it up a little bit, until it becomes lukewarm or tolerable to the skin.
The presence of anti-oxidants in castor oil is the source of restoring skin cells to its original or better state. Heating the oil helps it get easily absorbed in the skin.
How to apply:
• Pour a little amount of castor oil in a bowl
• Heat it up a little until it becomes lukewarm to tolerable to your skin
• Apply it through your fingers onto the stretch marks and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, untouched
• Rinse with lukewarm water for better results
Note: Do not heat the castor oil too much or it will burn your skin


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2. Castor oil and Potato
Potato is not just a vegetable that is used only as food but also a beauty hack that does wonders to your skin when applied in the correct way.
Applying castor oil and potato together improves the texture of the skin and speeds up the repairing process of your skin’s inner layer which leads to tightening and reduces stretch marks quicker.
How to apply:
• Squeeze potato juice out of the potatoes (churn them to get the juice out)
• Now mix the castor oil and the potato juice and keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
• Take out the mixture and apply it on the stretch marks
• Let it dry for another 30 minutes or so and then wash off with warm water afterward.
Note: Take equal amount of both castor oil and potato juice.

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3. Castor oil and Coconut oil
Coconut oil has amazing properties that help us groom our personality in indefinite ways. It is good for our skin, hair, teeth, and good for using in cooking food too.
Here you will know how coconut oil helps reduce/remove the stretch marks on your body after pregnancy when it is mixed with castor oil. It also helps moisturize the skin and leave it smooth and soft after the use.
How to apply:
• Take equal amount of castor oil and coconut oil and mix them together
• Rub the mixture on the affected area (stretch marks) until heated up
• The process of rubbing will make the skin soft and allows the oils to enter the inner layers easily
Note: Daily use of this mixture will give you amazing results in a few weeks.

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4. Castor oil and Cloves
The remedy for the pregnancy stretch marks is the application of castor oil and cloves mixed together. It heals the stretched skin faster than any other process but it is also time-consuming.
How to apply:
• Grind 15-20 cloves to make a fine powder
• Mix the powder with the castor oil
• Heat up the mixture a little bit and apply to the affected area
• Gently massage for 15 minutes and after that let it sit for another 30 minutes
• Rinse with warm water
Note: For better results, repeat the process twice a day.

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5. Castor oil and Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera gel has its own effect when applied alone on the skin and stretch marks as well, but if you want better and faster results then mixing it with castor oil works like magic for the skin.
How to apply:
• Take an average sized Aloe leaf and squeeze out the pulp
• Mash the pulp until it gets flowing consistency
• Then mix it with castor oil and heat up the mixture until it gets lukewarm
• Apply the hot mixture on the stretch marks
Note: Do not take bottles Aloe Vera products, it might give expected results.

Now all you need to do is get a bottle of castor oil and get down to business.

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