9 Tips to Look Fab in Tight and Fitted Dresses!


We, Indian women, love our miniskirts as much as we love our Anarkali and saris. And the surprising fact is that we look beautiful in both. We can steal the show even with a messy bun, look glamourous in the pyjamas and hide our bloating tummies under the oversized t-shirts. That’s how we are! We can look pretty in any clothes we wear. When we can look so pretty without even trying, wonder what we can do if we really put some effort into getting ready. So today, I’m sharing some tips to achieve a perfectly groomed look in a figure-hugging dress. So are you up for it?

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1. Shift Your Focus on Your Upper Body
The major concern is to shift your focus away from the problem areas of your body. Like if you have a bigger booty but a petite upper frame, then try wearing a little deep neck dress which shifts the attention to your upper torso. If your bust is a little heavier, try wearing the dresses with the concealed neck.

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2. Pick up The Darker Colours
This is the most basic rule of wearing a figure hugging dress. Wear a dark solid coloured dress. Dark colours easily conceal your flabs and flaws.

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3. Grab Those Eyes on Your Waistline
You should tilt the focus towards your waistline. And the waistline here means the thinnest portion of your waist. Tie a loose belt on your waistline. This will add finishing touches to your dress. It will also thin up your waist and make it look more luring.

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4. Wear the Shapewear
Shapewear not only brings out the curves of your body but also hides away your love handles and flabs. Go and buy a good quality shapewear and a good padded bra. There are many types of shapewear available these days like tummy tuckers, thigh reducers, etc.

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5. Add an Extra Layer
You can add an extra piece of clothing to hide your flaws. Try a long flowy shrug or denim jacket. This will not only camouflage your imperfections but also gives you an edgy look.

Tight and Fitted Dresses6

6. Pay Attention to the Lengths
This is yet another critical factor to keep in mind before choosing a figure hugging dress if you want to hide your heavy thighs, then take the measurements accurately. If you don’t have heavy thighs to hide, then you can pick up the shorter versions of the figure hugging dresses.

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7. Choose the Thicker Fabrics
Figure-hugging clothes mean panty lines and bra lines would be visible. So it’s a wise thing to pick up the thicker fabrics which won’t show up your undergarments shape. Plus, the thicker fabric don’t stick to your body while making your body look more toned.

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8. Focus the Attention to Your Best Feature
Draw the attention to your best feature. Like the best thing, you have in your body. You can try the long sleeves or high necklines if you have broader shoulders. If you have well-toned arms, then try the sleeveless ones. The agenda is to focus the attention to the best part.

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Tight and Fitted Dresses9

9. Minimize the Accessories
Putting up accessories doesn’t always mean that you pile up those gaudy neckpieces and big danglers. Don’t overdress or make yourself look like trying too hard. Wear the dainty pieces of jewellery instead of chunky ones.

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