Amazing Mother’s Day Beauty Guide For Busy Mom’s



If your mum is in dire need of something, then it’s time! She is always busy with doing something or the other all the time. So, the best gift that you could possibly present to your mum this Mother’s Day on 14 May is the gift of time. But, as by the situation of the things, that seems quite impossible to really give time for a gift to someone at all.

Instead, you can give her something that she can use for herself, in enhancing her beauty and the confidence to look the best.

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Not all moms get enough time to do the makeup of even have any makeup products in the first place. So, we have gathered a few (best) ideas that you can use to present as a gift for your mother.

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Check out this list of 5 beauty tips, that your dear mum can use on this Mother’s Day.

1. Get Her A Good Haircut

Specify your stylist to give you a mommy-friendly cut, that will be easy to manage and gets air-dry. The perfect length is between your chins and your shoulders, so you don’t have to waste your time to manage those long tresses. Some sassy and fun look should look good on you, that doesn’t say boring, and also get turned into a ponytail easily.

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2. Maybe A Good Concealer Is A Great Investment

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We think those dark circles under the eyes scream ‘mommy’ out loud. So, to hide them, investing in a good concealer sounds like a great idea. Fake a rested look and cover those bags efficiently, and no one else but you and you baby needs to know about it!

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3. Lengthen Those Lashes

Use a mascara that will add volume to your lashes and lengthens them. Apply double coats of the mascara on your lashes and then wait for them to dry. Now separate the stuck lashes using a lash brush, and scrap off that extra layer. Longer lashes give an illusion of brighter and awake eyes to those tired moms.

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4. Curl Up Those Beauties

You might think that it is of no use to curl your lashes, but they actually enhance and brightens your face, making you look more beautiful. Simply heat your eyelash curler a little, using a blow dryer, and then press those lashes to curl away. Always curl before applying the mascara on your lashes.

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5. Get A Perfect Pout

Even when you don’t want to apply those layers of makeup, the best way to brighten your face is to apply a good shimmery gloss on your lips. That should do the trick!

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Now, what are you waiting for girl? Go ahead and get your mum something that will make her feel special and beautiful!

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