Try These Top Trends Of 2017 For Most Stunning Lips


Lip makeup can either make or break your entire look, so it is important that you know what’s trending, for those stunning lips. We can be sure of one thing that those glossy lips are definitely making a comeback and matte shades are going to take a backseat for a while.

As we saw on the ramp, monochromatic and glittery lips are setting the trend, and for those who like to keep it low, pink lips are the best option.

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So, we have listed the top 5 lip trends of 2017 to help your pick your favorite or try something different at every different party or occasion.

1.The Glossy Lips

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Dewy-glossed lips have been one of the favorites lately, for all those show-runners. Glam any shade with a plain or a shimmery gloss for a significant sway. You can try magenta, pink, cherry red, rosy pink, etc.

2.The Monochromatic Lips

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This might sound a little weird but people are going crazy for the monochromatic look this year. Matching lips with the shade of eyeshadows and blush, to pop out the undertone beauty. Shades of peach or pink are the best ones to try.

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3.The Glittery Lips

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This year’s most popular trend of lips has been those glittery lips, bedazzling the runways all along.

4.The Pink Lips

Image Source: youngisthan

Sheer and creamy shades of pink are everyone’s favorite, even on the runways!

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5.The Lip Liners

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Using a good and creamy lip liner to fill up your lip is the new lipstick in trend. It goes perfectly with that trending no-makeup look this season.

Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping For Lip Makeup

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• Scrub your lips every time, before applying the lip makeup. This way you will get soft and moist lips, ready for that luscious pout.
• Always use good lip brushes to apply the lip colors, for a clean and tidy look.
• Try out the lip gloss before buying them. As some of the lip gloss’s texture are not very good on your skin.
• Buy lip liners based on the preference that whether you use it for filling your lips or simply defining with the outlining. Creamy lip liners are the best for filling in the lips, whereas matte lip liners can be used for outlining.

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At last, we concluded that this year has been a blast of shades and styles for the trendy lip lovers, with getting to learn a few new tricks and reviving some of the old ones. Find a perfect balance between that new and old and get your ideal style for those luscious lips.

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