BEAUTY ALERT: 5 Makeup Hacks To Look Gorgeous At Your Workplace



Makeup hacks turn out to be a rescuer many times when we rush to our workplace. Actually, makeup is something that changes the overall look and appearance of a woman. But after selecting the best outfit the shortage of time doesn’t allow you to get that perfect look on your face. But now you guys don’t need to worry as few have found some amazing makeup hacks that will save your time and help you to look perfect even if you are running late for work.

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Here is the list of makeup hacks that you can follow when you are running late for work:

1. Apply foundation correctly

Apply foundation correctlyImage Source: wordpress

Foundation provides the right glow on your face. And most of the ladies skip this step in their makeup regimen because it takes time. So, this makeup hack is simple, start applying your foundation from the centre and blend it towards the ear. You will look gorgeous.

2.Lighten your dark circles in right way

Lighten your dark circles in right wayImage Source: lipstiq

This makeup hack is very useful. When you are running out of time and want to conceal your dark circles, do try this hack. Imagine a triangle under your eyes till your cheeks and then apply the concealer. This hack will help to reduce the focus from your dark circles.

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3. Use blending sponge

Use blending spongeImage Source: ooyala

This makeup hack will help you get a long-lasting look. Instead of using your fingers and brush, use blending sponge to apply foundation on your skin. You just need to damp it with water and then spread the foundation all over your face using the blending sponge.

4. Melt your lipsticks

Melt your lipsticksImage Source: ytimg

If you skip the lip colour from your makeup because it’s broken then this makeup hack is very useful for you. Take your broken lipstick on a spoon and put it over a candle and melt it. Then pour the melted lipstick in a disposable box and use it.

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5. Thick lashes with baby powder

Thick lashes with baby powderImage Source: blogspot

Thin eyelashes is a common concern. This makeup hack will help you get thick eyelashes look using baby powder. Just dab some baby powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara. The baby powder is very effective in making your lashes look thicker.

So, these were a few makeup hacks for all the working women who run out of time.

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