Beauty Tip: Avoid These Manicure Mistakes To Make Your Nails Beautiful


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A bad manicure may ruin your day and you get disheartened when it happens even after spending a long time in the salon. Every woman wants her nails to look pretty and to achieve this, she visits salons frequently. If the makeup professionals are skilled, it’s all good but if they are not, our dream to get those pretty hands get shattered somewhere. So, let them know or get yourself enlightened so that they or you don’t make such common manicure mistakes.

Here we discuss some manicure mistakes you probably make. Try to avoid them next time when you get your manicure.

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Let’s check out the list here:

1- Avoid many coats

Avoid many coatsImage Source: s-nbcnews

Apply too many coats of nail polish may spoil your manicure. Thick coats take more time to dry. You can face some problems like getting blur or your polish look like a paint. To avoid such problems don’t apply too many coats.


When you apply 2 or 3 coats wait for few minutes after one coat and then apply the other one. Apply nail polish in one direction for smooth and clear finishing.

2- Hot water

Hot waterImage Source: huffpost

Try to avoid hot water just after your manicure. Wait at least 6 hours, use gloves while you work water related works.


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Cold water helps you to dry your nail polish faster. Take a blow of cold water and dip your fingers into it for 2-3 minutes. It will dry your nail polish earlier.

3- Avoid shaking bottle

Avoid shaking bottleImage Source: blogspot

Avoid shaking of bottle Before the manicure. When you shake the bottle, it creates air bubbles inside the bottle and cause of this, you do not get a perfect finishing of nail polish. And it looks bad after getting dry.


Roll the bottle in your hand instead of shaking. You will get better results.

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4- Always keep the base coat

Always keep the base coatImage Source: beautymag

When you wear makeup, it must that apply a primer before it. Just like makeup when you apply a base coat first you get a plan and equal surface for nail polish. By applying a base coat your nail polish gets a great finish and look good after getting dry.


Take a cotton swab and deep it into white vinegar and then rub your nails with this before applying a base coat. It will provide a clean surface for base coats and clean the natural oil from the nails.

5- Avoid cutting your cuticles

Avoid cutting your cuticlesImage Source: wordpress

Cutting cuticles is also a health risk. Avoid cutting your cuticles instead of cutting it try to push it back by using coticule pusher tool.


If you don’t have coticule oil at home you can easily make your own homemade oil. Take olive and coconut oil and mix it well or you can also mix essential oil in it. Then apply it over coticule and massage genteelly.

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