7 Common Bedtime Habits That Can Ruin Your Love Life


The chances of coming across a couple who has been together for a long time complaining about excess of steamy lovemaking sessions is as bleak as finding an ice cube in a desert. For most of the people, physical intimacy can become monotonous after a point of time. If your love life is on auto-pilot mode, it means you are not fully present while making love to your partner. The same foreplay, positions, orgasms could just suck the fun out of your love life but keep in mind all is not lost. The words ‘sex’ and ‘boring’ cannot possibly come in the same sentence.

To revitalize your love life, you just need to make a few tweaks and work upon these 7 common bedtime habits that can ruin your love life.

1. An Open Bathroom Door Policy

 An Open Bathroom Door Policy

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Over obedience to Hollywood flicks like ‘This is 40’ – In which Leslie Mann chats with her husband Paul Rudd while he was on the toilet, can just take away the mystery factor from your relationship. Please spare your partner from witnessing such moments, no matter how close you two are. So, leave a little mystery and reap its rewards in your bedroom.

2. Wearing Boring Clothes

 Wearing Boring Clothes

If you wish to spice up your love life, then ditch those sweatpants and baggy clothes which you wear to the bed. Make an effort and don that exotic lingerie you wore the time you were dating. And get ready to have some fun!

3. Being A Couch Potato

Being A Couch Potato

Ditch all your devices before entering your bedroom. Phones, Computers, Television are slow killers of your love life. You cannot expect to get lucky after hearing about the latest tragedy in the Middle East. A study stated couples who had a television in their bedroom indulged in intimacy half as often as those who don’t.

4. Letting Your Kids And Dog Crawl Into Your Bed With You

Letting Your Kids And Dog Crawl Into Your Bed With You

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Your little kids may want to spend a night with you when they get scared or when they feel cuddly but don’t let this harmless act turn into a habit. This habit changes the dynamics of the bedroom and your partner may not be able to see as anything apart from their children’s mother. Sometimes kids being around your matrimonial bed may be a source of conflict, resentment and disconnect between you and your partner.

5. Letting Your Bedroom Become Cluttered

Letting Your Bedroom Become Cluttered

A pile of laundry, shopping bags, and handbags which seem to have a permanent corner in your bedroom don’t make a great canvas for a hot ravish session. Clutter is a killer of intimacy. You can expect to get some only after putting it all away.

6. Blurring The Work-Life Boundaries

Blurring The Work-Life Boundaries

The very first rule for a healthy love life is to keep the demands of your job out of your bedroom. If there is an urgent mail to be sent or call to be made, make it a habit of answering your work calls outside your bedroom. You want your bedroom to have a peaceful loving vibe and not a tensed stressed vibe. Keep your bedroom a no work zone.

7. Having Daily Schedule Talks In The Bed

 Having Daily Schedule Talks In The Bed

Those unsexy conversations like who will pay the phone bill or who will pick the relatives from the airport aren’t an impressive fodder for a great foreplay. However, you cannot ignore those conversations as these logistics of the day are important but keep them away from your bedroom. These conversations can zap the romance and the intimacy out of the bedroom.

With the above things in mind now you can take the reins in your hand and you surely won’t be disappointed. Wink wink

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