Different Types Of Lingerie: How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Body?


Lingerie is a self-indulgence that every woman deserves, and the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here. That lacy lingerie make you feel sexy but they are often uncomfortable and do not serve any other purpose than adding spice to your copulation sessions. This small piece of fabric can always make you feel good and confident If done right! Let’s discuss here different types of lingerie and how to choose the right lingerie for your body:

1. Garter Belt

Garter Belt

They appear to be far-fetched and complicated, but they are not. They keep your stockings tight. They have four straps and often paired with a corset or a body suit. It will make you feel great even if it is not visible.

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2. Camisoles


Camisoles are the practical lingerie. They come in various colors and styles and they combine the slip and the bra. A laced camisole and a matching panty make a beautiful set. You can either wear them inside your see-through shirts or tease your partner in bed. They are an essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

3. Bustiers


Bustiers and corset are similar. However, the main focus of both is to uplift the bosom. It gives a curvy and a firm touch to the breasts. It works just like a push-up bra. They also come with eyes which can be hooked at to the back to further accentuate the shape of the bust.

4. Negligees


Negligees are a total knock-out. Impress him by purchasing a negligee the next time you visit a mall. It is uber sexy and it can never fail you. It is made up of a feather light garment and capable of giving you a night of your dreams.

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Find Your Body Shape

1. Hourglass


If you fall in the 36-24-36 category, then yours is a typical hourglass figure. Your shoulders and hips are the same size.

What Kind Of Lingerie Should You Wear?

Wear a lingerie which adds to your already sexy figure. You can go for the garter belt, teddy, and corset models.

2. Triangle Shape

 Triangle Shape

The latest body type fad which women have been desiring. It simply means your hips are wider than your shoulders.

What Kind Of Lingerie Should You Wear?

Wear a bandeau or a lacey negligee which is taut near the chest area and flowy down below.

3. Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shape

Women whose hips and shoulders are at the same level fall in this category. Most of the athletic-looking bodies are rectangle shape.

What Kind Of Lingerie Should You Wear?

Any lingerie which cinches at the waist should suit you. Corset, bustiers should do the trick for you.

4. Round Shape

Round Shape

Your upper torso is far more wider than your hips and your body is rounded near the waist. You need a lingerie which will make it look proportionate.

What Kind Of Lingerie Should You Wear?

Satin lingerie gowns would give you full coverage and suit your body type. Negligee can also define your bust line and hide the chunks of your waist. Try both of these.

5. Inverted Triangle

 Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders and bust line are wider compared to your hips and you can often look like an athlete. What kind of lingerie you should wear depends upon which part of your body you wish to conceal and which to reveal.

What Kind Of Lingerie Should You Wear?

Halter tops, bralette with a matching lace panty can do good to your shape.

Final Word

All bodies are unique and beautiful in their own way. They all deserve attention, pampering and indulgence. Try the above tricks and fall in love with your body once again!

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