11 Incredible Benefits Of Steaming Your Hair After Oiling


There are numerous benefits to steaming the hair after oiling. Is your hair dry or having difficulty in absorbing any hair products? If your hair is dry, you need to give it some love. As you start steaming the hair, you will surely begin to see results. Hair steaming is a proven remedy that can fix this issue. For several years the hair steaming has been widely used as a method by hair salons. The process is a crucial part of caring for natural hair. Steaming is performed by coating the hair with essential oils and then applying heat to allow the moisture to penetrate deep in the hair roots.

If you are new to hair steaming, this article will help you know about hair steaming, and the various benefits linked with steaming the hair.

10 Benefits of steaming your hair after oiling

1. Promotes growth of hair

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Cutting the hair can take several minutes. Growing it back would take months if it is facing problems such as thinning or breakage. If the growth of hair has come to a halt, then it might be time to consider steaming. Steaming the hair would help it to grow. There is a natural flow of oils into the scalp after steaming the hair. The oils nourish s well as increase the blood flow to the scalp giving you healthy and long hair.

2. Improves health of your scalp


Healthy scalp can play an important role in the overall health of your hair. If you have issues with the hair, the prime thing you need to check is conditioning the scalp. If you have dry scalp, this may cause several hair problems like itchiness, hair breakage, and dandruff. A dry scalp could cause these hair problems. Steaming the hair after oiling could prevent these problems. Steaming the hair often opens the skin pores and helps in removing the dirt from the dead cells. Once the skin pores are open, all the nutrients can now penetrate the hair follicles, improving the overall growth of the hair.

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3. Improves hair elasticity


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The hair elasticity often refers to the hair’s ability to shrink and expand and not shed or break. Steaming the hair after oiling let your hair absorb moisture quickly. It enables the hair to stretch and bend without causing pressure to the hair.

4. Refreshes the hair curls


Steaming your hair is an effective way of adding moisture to the hair without by soaking it in water. If you suffer from dry and brittle hair, steaming the hair may be the best option to consider.

5. Lift the hair cuticle


It is sometimes difficult for less porous hair to absorb moisture deep in the hair roots. Steaming could be helpful for people with hair having low porosity. The warmth of moisture from steam allows nutrients from oils to penetrate deep in the skin and raises the hair cuticles.

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6. Enhances moisture retention


Steaming helps the hair to restore moisture properly. Once you steam the hair, moisture will not evaporate quickly since it will have if you condition the hair. The fact is that the moisture absorbs deep in the hair follicle and it means that it would stay there longer.

7. Reduces dandruff


The prime reason for getting dandruff is a dry scalp. If the scalp is dry, dandruff will be there on your scalp. Steaming often provides moisture to your hair, which in turn prevents the scalp from drying. You need to oil your hair before steaming to allow the oils get absorbed in the scalp. Your scalp and hair are nourished each time you steam, preventing dandruff.

8. Relaxes the body


Steaming gives the body the feeling of calm and relaxing. The calming effect is due to the production of hormones also called endorphins. Endorphins make you feel calm and relaxed, even if you suffer from stress. Stress is known to affect the hair. It can affect the hair by losing the hair. Reduction in stress could help prevent the hair loss.

9. Cleansing and detoxification


People all use different hair products. All these products leave residue on your hair. The environmental contaminants like dust and smoke can get trapped in the hair. When all those contaminants and products deposit on the hair, they can cause a buildup. With time the accumulation of the substances would harm your hair. Steaming the hair would help remove the debris and buildup from the scalp.

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10. Allows hair products to penetrate the hair


Deep conditioners and hair treatment act if the hair absorbs all the products. In most of the cases, conditioners and hair treatment do not get readily absorbed due to tight coils and curls in the hair. The heat from steamer could help prevent this problem. The hair steamer opens up hair cuticles in the hair and also allows them to receive the nutrients to roots. The products reach the roots the nutrients are distributed and the hair would grow and become naturally gorgeous.

11. Opens the cuticle of the hair


This might be the best part of steaming. Because you could steam for different reasons you will be able to open cuticle for different reasons. With the cuticle slightly opened from warm vapor applied on it the hair is getting more nutrients.

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