11 Unknown Benefits of Gram Flour For Skin | Besan Skin Benefits


What is the deal with gram flour? It is one of the most common items found at any home. And everyone use it to prepare common recipe. So, what is the big deal? That is what we will highlight the amazing benefits of gram flour in this article.

What is gram flour?

Simply, this is a pulse flour prepared from ground. A common diet in the cuisine from the Indian region, this flour could be made from roasted or raw chickpeas. The raw variety is little bitter, while the roasted form is more flavorful.

Gram flour or besan flour is popularly used as a facial exfoliant. The flour might also be used instead of eggs in vegan cooking – all you need is to mix it with an equal quantity of water.

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The flour is very rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. It contains no gluten.

But even before we look at the benefits of gram flour, how about making ourselves aware with a few super cool facts about gram flour?

1. Treats acne


The zinc in gram flour has the ability to fight infections which cause acne. The fiber stabilizes the blood sugar level. Imbalanced blood sugar level may stress your hormones, which causes pimples or breakouts. Gram flour can prevent such breakouts. You can make a brilliant face pack using gram flour for acne. Add equal parts of turmeric and gram flour. To this mixture, add a spoon of lemon juice and raw honey. Mix in a small bowl. Apply this mask to your moisturized and makeup-free neck and face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse with slight warm water. Your skin can have an orange tint until the next wash.

2. Removes tan


Thinking how to use besan for the removal of tan? Mix four teaspoons of besan with one teaspoon of yogurt and lemon juice. Add some salt and mix them to form a smooth paste. Then apply the mask all over the face and neck and let it dry. Rinse with slightly cool water. You can repeat this process daily before you take bath.

3. Exfoliates dead skin

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You can use gram flour as a body scrub which helps exfoliates the dead skin.

All you have to do is add three teaspoons of flour to one teaspoon of ground oats and two spoons of corn flour. Then add little amount of raw milk also. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Finally, apply the mask to your body and slightly scrub.

The scrub works well and removes the dead skin cells from your body. It also removes excess dirt and sebum. You can also use this mask in your bath.

4. Reduces oiliness


Mix equal parts of yogurt and besan or raw milk. Apply it to the face. Leave it there and wash your face after about 20 minutes. This process effectively cleanses the skin and reduces oiliness.

5. Removes facial hair


Using besan for the removal of facial hair is very effective. Mix equal amounts of fenugreek powder and besan. Then prepare a paste. Next, apply this mask over the facial hair and let it dry. After this, you can wash the mask off.

6. Offers instant fairness


Going to the party and missing the glow on the face? Besan can come to your rescue. So, wondering how to use the gram flour for skin brightening? You need to mix four teaspoons of gram flour with one teaspoon of orange peel and half spoon of malai. Then apply this mask all over the neck and face. Leave it there for about 15 minutes, after which you can rinse with fresh water.

This method also works wonder for dark neck and arms. You can repeat this procedure thrice in a week for desired results.

7. Offers blemish-free skin


You require 50 grams of lentils, 12 grams of fenugreek seed, and 2 to 3 small pieces of turmeric. Grind all these items into powder and then store it in an air-tight container. Use the powder in a small quantity with milk cream and wash the face with it instead of soap.

8. Prevents dry, flaky skin


Mix 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice with one spoon besan, one teaspoon milk olive oil or cream and half spoon honey to form a smooth paste. Then apply it all over your face and rinse it properly with water after it dries naturally.

9. Removes acne scars


Mix besan, some turmeric powder, and two table spoons of milk to make a smooth paste and then apply evenly on your face and the neck area. After 20 to 25 minutes, wash it off with warm water to get glowing skin.

10. Removes dead skin


According to a study, this 5-minute recipe can heal the skin and give you the glow you have always desired for.

Three spoons gram flour

Two spoons sesame oil
Two spoons lemon powder
Lemon juice
Milk to prepare a smooth paste

Mix all the above ingredients and apply on your skin. Leave it to dry up and wash off with cool water.

11. Prevents premature skin


According to a leading beauty expert, if you feel that your skin has started to wrinkle, and you see those fine lines around the lips and eyes, stop them with this amazing stabilizing pack which you can use together in minutes. This recipe is suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

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