7 Awesome Makeup Tips For Luscious Lips


Makeup tips are something very important to make us handier with our makeup. As lips are considered to be one of the gorgeous body parts so, lip makeup plays a key role to make it noticeable. If your lips mismatch with your face makeup, your entire look goes down. We all have different shapes of lips so we need different types of makeup tips for our lips.

Here we discuss different types of makeup tips according to the lips shapes.

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1- Upper Heavy Lips

Upper Heavy LipsImage Source: biz
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Most of the girls in India have upper heavy lips. By using these simple makeup tips, you can make your lips more beautiful.

• Simply apply your natural lip shade on your center lip. Start applying it on center towards outside.
• Then apply a dark shade of lip color on the bottom of your lips.
• You can apply only one lip shade on upper and lower lips. Then apply a blob of white pencil on the center of the lower lip.
• Another simple tip for applying lip shades is, apply lip outliner on natural outlines and then fill your lip with lip color.

2- Lower Heavy Lips

Lower Heavy LipsImage Source: fashionlady

Lower heavy lips look very attractive. So, you must give more attention towards them

Next time when you are going to make you lips gorgeous, try these makeup tips:

• For a better look, apply one shade only on upper and lower lips.
• Then apply a blob of a white pencil or nude creamy eyeshadow on the middle of your upper lip for balance.

3- Unequal Lips

Unequal LipsImage Source: makeup2enhance

If the size of your upper and lower lips is different, you have unequal lips.

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Follow these steps next time

• Use lip outline first and outline your upper lip as they match with the lower one.
• Then, for giving outline natural finish, use your hand and blur it softly.
• Blur carefully, and then apply lip shade for the final look.

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4- Flat Lips

Flat LipsImage Source: i.ytimg

If you have flat lips, use light color shades instead of the darker one. Because dark lip shades highlight your flat lips.

Try these makeup tips next time during makeup.

• Use lip outliner.
• When you’re done with an outliner. Start applying lip shade. Firstly, apply corners of your lips with dark lip shade and then use dark one for lips. If you want to use single shade instead of using two different shades.

5- Narrow Lips

Narrow LipsImage Source: cleanlivingguide

Narrow or thin lips require more attention while doing makeup. Because thin lips are not noticeable easily. You must apply makeup accordingly.

Use this makeup tip.

• Use lip outliner first on your lips.
• Use the dark color of lip shade and apply darker on the lower one and lighter on upper. Then make it even by using a brush.

6- Overlarge Lips

Overlarge LipsImage Source: i.ytimg

Overlarge lips are easily noticed over your face. So, try to use nude shades that make your lips look softer.

Next time when you are going to attend events try these makeup tips.

• Use nude shades instead of bright colors.
• Make your face makeup brighter so that your lips go unnoticed.

7- Small Lips

Small LipsImage Source: preen.me

Small lips look cute but very hard to apply makeup on them. So, next time you are going for lip makeup keep these makeup tips in your mind.

• Use light colors of lip shades. Use glossy type lip shades.
• Don’t use dark lip shades. When you use dark lip shades it highlights your small lips.
• For best-looking lips, apply lighter colors of shades.

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