Bold and Beautiful: Simple Orange Eye Makeup Routine


Are you also tired with your usual makeup look, and want to try something unique and bold? Well, then we have something exciting for you guys. Today in this article, we are going to share a simple orange eye makeup routine that you can try out for your next party. All you need a gorgeous chic orange dress to rock with this makeup look. So, without wasting more time, here we head on with the makeup routine.

How to do orange eye makeup:

Before starting with the eye makeup, prep up your face. Here is the list of few things that you will need:

1. Cleanser

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Before beginning with the makeup, it is very important that you clean up your face with a cleanser. This simple tip will help in removing all the dirt and dead skin cells from your face. Thus, making your face makeup ready. So, make sure that you don’t skip this step.

2. Foundation

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After cleansing your face, the next step is to get a perfect base for makeup application. So here, the trick is to be subtle. So, apply a layer of foundation and blend it properly to get a flawless complexion. Make sure that you don’t overdo it.

3. Concealer

ConcealerImage Source: livestrongcdn

Concealer plays a very important in a makeup routine as it can hide all the flaws like spots, scars, and pimples on your face. You can apply concealer in two ways, either on your entire face or only on those areas which need to be covered. Still, it is suggested that you should apply concealer only to those areas where it is required.

4. Powder

 PowderImage Source: avoskinbeauty

You can find a range of compact powders in the market according to your needs and skin tone. All you need is to choose one which matches your skin tone and then, just apply it to your face. This simple tip will help in locking the base of your makeup. And now, you are all set for the eye makeup.

Now, start off with the eye makeup:

• To start with, apply a primer around your eyelids.
• Now, take an eyeshadow brush and apply orange eyeshadow to your eyelids in a circular way.
• Another point to keep in mind here is if you are mixing the orange shade with another color then, make sure you apply the orange shade to the inner corner and then, apply the other shade.
• Other shades that you can pair with orange can be rust and brown.
• Now, apply brown color on the outer side.
• Then, using a brush, blend both the shades.
• Opt for a highlighting eyeshadow and apply it below your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger.
• After that, take a black eyeliner and apply it to your eyes. You can also opt for the winged eyes.
• And finally, apply a nice coat of mascara to get long and thick lashes.

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Since your face is ready, you can go ahead with your makeup and apply lip gloss or lipstick. It is suggested that you opt for subtle orange shade lip color or nude shade. And you are ready.

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