Bollywood Celebrities with Perfect Toned Bodies


People venerate well toned bodies of famous celebrities and get inspired for getting into shape and remain fit. Following are the actors who have the most amazing bodies. I agree it takes hell lot of sweat to attain muscles but, the combination of good physique and looks are enough to grab eyeballs. Here goes the list!!


Hritik Roshan is having one of the best physiques in B-Town. The actor has eye glueing six pack muscles and great biceps. He is a role model for many of the fitness freak guys around the globe. He has not got this body JLT but does an intensified workout sessions everyday to achieve and maintain his shape. After having food, he sleeps only after at least an hour this helps in great digestion. His ravishing looks,  awesome biceps and triceps, flat abs just scores an A++ grade.

hritik roshan1



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The “shirtless man” of bollywood;Salman Khan has a well toned body, which is a no hidden fact. He has completed almost half century of  his life but still looks as handsome as ever or can say that He is a youthful 50. A man who is very particular about his fitness regime and enthusiastic about his fitness. He works out a lot and has a millions of people in the list of his admiring fans. His muscles and body shape is heart throbbing. He likes oxigenated water and a balanced diet as it helps him to energise himself.

salman khan body



He is a man who follows rigorous gym routine. Abraham is a fitness freak and has a great body to drool over. He was a model before he headed towards the acting industry. John prefers protein shakes before and after the workout sessions. He does mix and match with the weight lifting and cardio exercises. Fans go head over heels not only over his acting but also his physique.

john abraham



Bipasha Basu is a hottie of the B town and has a dream figure which every girl desires. Her hot bod is a debated topic of all times. She is a perfect dusky Bengali beauty. She follows a strict workout routine to get the ravishing well-toned bod. She includes egg white, fruits and coconut water in her diet.




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Apart from being a great actress, Deepika Padukone is a state level badminton player and a super model. She has great toned body and heart throbbing smile. Her workout plan includes yoga, gymming, pilates walking and dancing. Her killer figure is an outcome of her diet too which includes mostly eggs, veggies and nuts.




Shilpa Shetty has a great bod to die for. The sexy shaped girl follows a disciplined workout rotine to maintain her figure. Cardio exercises and yoga are the secrets behind her super slim figure. She starts her day with milk or fruit juice followed by balanced diet.

shilpa shetty



The new hunk in the B Town ,Varun Dhawan is very passionate towards his workouts. He has a perfect match of  a tuff body and chocolaty looks which has beguiled million of girls around the world.Apart from his marvellous body and physique the actor has good hand in dancing and acting too. His  interests are martial arts and light weight training and is very dedicated to his routine. He says that he likes omletes and whole grains in the breakfast and his trainer Prashant changes his diet when needed.

varun dhawan



The hot looking actor has an amazing body and made it to the hearts of millions of fans globally. The actor follows strict regime of workout to maintain his fabulous body. He has ravishibng muscles and abs. His daily routine of workout comprises of 3 hours in which he prefers high intensity training plus running and swimming.

ranveer singh



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